Almost a decade ago Power One products were the European built  solar inverter of choice for many. Somewhere in between though, ABB, a global electronics powerhouse, acquired Aurora Power One and has endured mixed success from many reports. The ABB UNO-DM plus range is the latest ABB single-phase solar inverter built specifically for residential home owners. The question which comes to mind with any new release product is, how well does it compete with the industries best specifications?


Make and model:  ABB UNO-DM-Plus.

Variants: 1.2 | 2.0 | 3.3 | 4.0 | 4.6 | 5.0.


  Size, Design.

At first glance, there appears to be a lot to like about the new Italian made ABB UNO-DM Plus solar inverter range. That being said, should the ABB UNO-Plus be accountable for the discrepancies in previous models ABB models? Short answer, no. This is a new inverter with minor elements characteristic of previous models and potentially more inline with trademark company stylings.


Upon first glance the ABB-UNO Plus is on the larger side when compared to alternative options within its class. As with many European designs in solar inverter technology, the methodology is that proper internal component spacing ensures a greater lifespan due to better heat dissipation from a fan-less, IP 65 design.  

With no major international awards specifically to the ABB UNO-Plus’s name, the overall design is considered standard in comparison to alternative innovative inverter technology available. Battery connectivity through this particular design can be facilitated through AC coupled battery option such as the Tesla Powerwall 2 or a compatible DC coupled battery option via the DC MPPT inputs.

ABB UNO-DM Datasheet >

ABB UNO-DM PLUS Inverter Image


UNO Plus - Design
  • AC and DC Coupled battery compatibility with selected battery
  • New release.
  • Fanless.
  • Reputable national design award.
  • TÜV Reihnland certified.
  • Standard.
  • IP 65.


Nothing exceptional although not much lacking by today’s standard either. Ones entire energy profile (consumption & production) can be viewed by incorporating an ABB energy meter. Optimised performance is achieved via dual MPPT DC inputs and nothing more. Furthermore, communication and portal connectivity is enhanced with WiFi inbuilt. Potentially the most exciting feature from a support perspective is the remote access operational parameter adjustments. Something not available in most competing inverter technologies yet.

As far as the good, there are also the features which underwhelm to some extent. Starting with an absent inbuilt DC isolator the ABB range in general lacks lacks that of its own specific optimiser technology, instead referencing Tigo (SMA) as the compatible optimiser of choice, if required. The upside for the US market and those of which have dedication to advanced safety, ABB produce its own rapid shutdown technology in the form of the ABB RSD 2.0 for seamless 1st party integration.

ABB UNO-DM PLUS Inverter Image


UNO Plus - Features.
  • 2 MPPTS.
  • LED interface.
  • WiFi & Ethernet inbuilt.
  • No manufacturer supplied module-level optimisation options.
  • Manufacturer supplied module-level rapid shutdown options.
  • Manufacturer supplied expanded monitoring options.
  • MPPT only shadow management.
  • Installer remote access support is rated at - operational parameter


Potentially where the ABB-UNO Plus range will earn a great deal of respect is is within the performance category. Ticking all the right boxes, European and CEC weighted efficiency is considered superior up to 97%. Meanwhile, the ability to perform among the colder climates is among the better down to -25oC (-13oF). Potentially more significant where sunlight is concerned, the upper limits of temperature shall endure no more than 60oC (140oF) before operational cut off. Operational derating is respectable at 45oC (113oF) however notably better in smaller 3 & 4 kW models. Derating occurs at an outstanding 50oC (122oF) which would make ABB-UNO Plus 3 & 4kW models some of the best performing string inverters under extreme conditions.

Weight performance is considered outstanding at no more than 15 kg (33lbs). However, the rated noise emission is surprising high considering the fan-less design. Up to 50dB is factored into the noise emission levels of the ABB -UNO Plus range. A rather sour way to wrap up a near exceptional performance criteria.



UNO Plus - Performance
  • 96.5% European efficiency.
  • Temperature range of -25°C (-13°F).
  • Temperature range of +60°C (140°F).
  • Temperature derating of 50°C (122°F).
  • Weighs 15 kg (33lbs).
  • Noise emission of 25 dB (A).


An exception guarantee is where ABB plan to make their mark for the new ABB-UNO Plus range. A central string inverter with a clearly defined 10-year parts and 10-year service warranty. Both of which are considered outstanding in anyones language. The one aspect which derates such an outstanding warranty is the fact that it is offered to anyone which can sell it. The downside of such, for any consumer, is that if the manufactures installation guidelines are not met, consider the warranty void. An easy out for many inverter manufacturers.

Due diligence for inverter manufacturers and end users alike suggest that an adequately trained installer program should be implemented to ensure solar inverters are in-fact installed to manufacturer guidelines and warranties can be upheld in the event of a warranty claim.



UNO Plus - Guarantee
  • 10-year parts warranty.
  • 10-year service warranty.
  • No authorised installer network.


A refined manufacturer supplied monitoring option. See the full Aurora Vision monitoring software review for more insight > (Coming Soon).

ABB UNO-DM PLUS Inverter Image


UNO Plus - Software
  • Aurora Vision monitoring software.
  • iOS & Android app.
  • Alerts & fault diagnosis.


One of the more affordable European built solar inverter options available, the ABB-UNO Plus solar inverter presents good value for those seeking a quality European build at a middle of the range price compared to alternative market offerings.

As a gauge, ABB-UNO Plus 5 kW solar inverters are available online from: 

USD 1250  |  AUD 1750  |  EURO 1100 

Excludes taxes, shipping and installation.

Source – Google.

ABB UNO-DM PLUS Inverter Image


UNO Plus - Affordability
  • Very good technology score.
  • 5kW approx for $1250 USD ex.


It is what it is. A well designed solar inverter built purely to converter DC energy into AC electrical energy while supported by one of the better manufacturer guarantees available. Lacking a few features which eager enthusiasts thrive to identify within the innovative realms, it’s pleasing to see ABB back to producing both well constructed and reliable energy technology for the end-user with much up-side. 


UNO Plus - Overall
  • Design 4.0
  • Features 3.9
  • Performance 3.9
  • Guarantee 4.0
  • Software 4.0
  • Technology 3.9
  • Affordability 4.0


How was the score for the ABB-UNO Plus calculated? By utilising the Solar Review Inverter Assessment Criteria V2.3 >

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