Thrust into mass international recognition as an Intersolar Award 2019 finalist for innovation, the AE Solar Smart Hot-Spot Free Mono Series boasts a unique quality which can overshadow the typical maximum efficiency push. The best news, this latest innovation presents superior affordability for the technology at hand. 

.Make and model:  AE Solar Smart Hot-Spot Free Mono Series.

Variants:  280 | 285 | 290 | 295 | 300 | 305 | 310 W.

  Cell Enhancer, Design, Build.


Therefore, what in particular has set the AE Solar Smart Hot-Spot Free Mono Series as a new focal point in industry innovation? Bypass diodes. However, not the typical 3 or 6 bypass diode configuration in conventional solar panel designs of today.

Based on a standard 60-cell module design, the AE Solar Smart Hot-Spot Free Mono Series incorporates a bypass diode at each solar cell. The result, up to 80% more power when shaded compared to standard solar panels and the ability to mitigate the effects of detrimental solar panel hot-spot.


Everything about the AE Solar Smart Hot-Spot Free Mono Series resembles a standard solar panel. That of which couldn’t be further from the truth. 

The innovative design boasts a proven standard module design while ensuring greater life expectancy and higher yield through advanced design in individual cell bypass diodes. 

AE Solar

Smart Hot-Spot Free Design; ELITE
  • P-Type Monocrystalline.
  • 5-ribbon bus bar with bypass diode per cell.
  • PERC Enhanced
  • Glass-laminate (White).
  • Innovative design.
  • PV Magazine Top Innovation 2018 & InterSolar Award Finalist 2019.
  • TÜV SAAR certified.


The durability of the AE Solar Smart Hot-Spot Free Mono Series meets that of which is considered IEC Standard with above average durability rantings in hail resistance and salt mist protection. 

Although the durability criteria presents as one of the AE Solar Smart Hot-Spot Free Mono Series weaker features, manufacturer support towards longevity is bolstered by a newly established product guarantee from 2019 (see Guarantee).

AE Solar

Smart Hot-Spot Free Durability; VERY GOOD
  • Snow load 5400Pa.
  • Front wind load 2400Pa.
  • Rear wind load 2400Pa.
  • Damp heat testing 1000Hrs.
  • Thermal cycle testing 200Hrs.
  • PID Resistant.
  • Salt mist resistance certification
    IEC 61701 (Severity 6).
  • Amonia resistance certification
    IEC 62701.
  • 28mm hail impact at 23m/s.


Efficiency doesn’t always automatically equate to more power. Fact is, via its revolutionary design, the AE Solar Smart Hot-Spot Free Mono Series has the ability to yield greater energy when compared to alternative higher efficiency solar panel designs.

Efficiency though is a considerable factor for many and specific requirements.  

AE Solar

Smart Hot-Spot Free Efficiency; VERY GOOD
  • 18.9% Maximum module efficiency.
  • -0.38%°C Temperature coefficient.
  • 0/2% Power tolerance.


The AE Solar Smart Hot-Spot Free Mono Series boasts one of the better performance guarantees available. An extended 30-year period provides superior end-user confidence with a respectable 0.5% degradation rate per annum after the first year.

AE Solar

Smart Hot-Spot Free Performance; ELITE
  • 3% degradation in the 1st year.
  • 0.5% degradation per annum.
  • 30-year linear performance warranty.
  • Parts & service performance warranty.


Ensuring superior manufacturer support is a newly established 20-year product guarantee for premium range AE Solar modules includes the AE Solar Smart Hot-Spot Free Mono Series.  An extend 8-years over previous warranty periods.

Bolstering end-user confidence is a full parts and service warranty within the guarantee period. However, greater consumer confidence and installer loyalty could be established through that of an authorised installer network.

AE Solar

Smart Hot-Spot Free Guarantee; SUPERIOR
  • 20-year warranty.
  • Parts & service warranty.
  • No authorised installer network.


In an industry where alternative innovations are making a change towards the solar cells or their connection method, the AE Solar Smart Hot-Spot Free Mono Series has boosted a tried and proven existing solar cell design.

Through a simple yet refined bypass diode alteration, higher yield can be achieved with the bonus of superior longevity through the mitigation of a typical cell issue in hot spots. The result is new life within an industry-accepted solar cell design. 

AE Solar

Smart Hot-Spot Free; SUPERIOR
  • Design 4.7
  • Durability 3.4
  • Efficiency 3.3
  • Performance 4.5
  • Guarantee 3.8
[ 4.8 - 5 ] The pinnacle of certified specification.
[ 4.3 - 4.7 ] A rare calibre of technology produced by the industry elite.
[ 3.8 - 4.2 ] Specifications which are exceedingly superior to that of the industry average.
Very Good
[ 3.3 - 3.7 ] Advanced technology against the industry average.
[ 2.8 - 3.2 ] Better than the industry average is that of which strives a portion better.
[ 2.3 - 2.7 ] A score within this bracket is considered the industry average specification.
[ 1.8 - 2.2 ] Considered below the industry mainstream average.
[ 1.3 - 1.7 ] There's better, there's also worse.
[ 0.8 - 1.2 ] Far below the modern industry average.
[ 0.3 - 0.7 ] Possesses specifications which are absent or unverified by a certified testing institute.
[ 0 - 0.2 ] Unlikely for technology manufactured in the modern era.


How was the score for the AE Solar Smart Hot-Spot Free Mono Series range of solar panels calculated? By using the Solar Review Module Assessment Criteria V2.4 >

  • AE Solar Smart Hot-Spot Free Mono Series data sheet. View now >

How does the entire current range of AE Solar panels compare against each other? Discover now > (Coming Soon)

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