In a whitewash of solar panels available, it’s hard to know which solar panels present the overall best value. After analysing mountains technical specifications vs cost over the last year, what can be regarded as some of the best solar panel value solar panels of 2018 begin to surface.

The Solar Review best value solar panels of 2018 are a combination of at least 6 essential elements: 

  • Design.
  • Durability.
  • Efficiency.
  • Performance.
  • Guarantees.
  • Affordability. 
To make life easier, all solar panel options below are 60-cell modules. Without further delay, let’s jump straight in.

10. QCellls Q.Power-G5.

The least efficient, however, on the more affordable end of the best value solar list is the QCells Q.Power-G5 variants up to 280Wp. One of only two polycrystalline solar panels on the list, the QCells Q.Power-G5 has an above average product & performance warranty at a great price. A 12-year product warranty and a 25-year linear performance warranty with a performance degradation of only 0.6% p.a after the first year. 

Exceptional value for money, the biggest limitation is your available roof space due to the lower module efficiency when compared to others in the list.

9. Trina Solar Honey Plus.

Now available in variants up to 305Wp the cost per watt is exceptionally good for the mono PERC technology inside. A standard set of warranty conditions, but backed by the one of the world’s largest and longest serving solar panel manufacturers ensures a heightened warranty value. 

If your budget is as tight as your available roof space, the Trina Honey Plus range of solar module presents good value for a high efficiency solar panel.

8. REC Twin Peak.

Not a traditional 60-cell module but 120 half cut cells for 295Wp. The electrical configuration of the REC Twin Peak operates in a manner that should a portion of the solar module become shaded the opposing portion continues to produce energy. The design and affordability of REC Twin Peak is what sets itself apart in the Solar Review Best Value Solar Panels list of 2018.

Have a structure close to your roof likely to cause frequent shading at certain times? Considering the REC Twin Peak is great value for solar panel optimisation.

7. Seraphim SRP-6MB series.

A 295W-310Wp range the Serphim SRP-6MP series makes the best value solar panels list of 2018 through extreme product durability, above average module efficiency, an insured warranty and an exceptionally competitive overall price.

An all round good value solar module for the price if looking to maximise your available roof space.

6. Peimar SG300M.

Potentially the least known on the Best Value Solar Panels list of 2018. However, the Peimar SG300M is a higher powered modulel available at exceptionally affordable price for a European made solar panel (Made in Italy). Utilising 5 busbar mono PERC technology the Peimar sets itself apart in value with a respectable 20-year product and 30-year linear performance warranty.

One of the better product and performance warranties available. Not the cheapest solar panel on the list but certainly not the most expensive either. Great middle ground value.

5. QCells Q.Peak G4.

305-310Wp the higher powered QCells variant presents great value through a superior module efficiency and an above average warranty. Regarded as an all round quality solar panel, testing simulated in real world conditions ensure a heightened level of performance beyond the nameplate value.

The QCells QPeak is an outstanding solar panel option for those wanting greater output and higher quality at a more affordable price. 

4. Winaico WSP-M6 PERC.

Side by side with two of the best performing solar panels, on a watt for watt basis in real world conditions Winaico solar panels perform exceptionally well. The Winaico WSP-M6 PERC variants range from 300-315Wp and backed by a solid 15-year product & 25-year performance warranty. Higher cost than the those further back in the list of best value solar panels 2018, excellent value is derived from a exceptional performance and an above average warranty.

Although it will cost a little more initially, expect above average returns on your investment from a truly superior module. 

3. SolarWatt 60M High Power.

The glass-glass design of the SolarWatt 60M high power presents the most durable solar panel on the list of est Value Solar Panels 2018. So much so the German made SolarWatt 60M is accompanied by a world leading 30-year product & performance warranty. For 3 x more power guaranteed over the Tier-1 average, the SolarWatt 60m is exceptional value.

Consistent reliable returns on your investment soon outweigh the initial extra cost. 

2. Sunpower E-Series.

Although not a conventional 60-cell solar panel, the size is comparative. Sunpower have always done things differently in order to achieve higher yields and the E-Series is no exception. A proprietary 96 Maxeon Gen2 mono cell design facilitates up to 327Wp. Higher power and a superior 25-year product & performance warranty at a more economical price point when compared to the SunPower X-series is what secures Sunpowers position at number 2 on the best value solar panels list of 2018.

Excellent value for money when considering the next 25-years of higher than average guaranteed production. 

1. LG NeON 2.

325-335Wp the LG NeON 2 cements itself at the top of the Solar Review list for the best value solar panels of 2018. Infused with LG NeON 2s proprietory Cello cell technology the 25-years product & performance warranty presents a secure investment for phenomenal performance. Watt for Watt the LG NeON 2 performs on par with the higher priced LG NeON R models in real world conditions. Outstanding value for an industry acclaimed solar panel.

The LG NeON 2 delivers above average performance combined with an excellent warranty and backed by the financially strong LG Electronics. 

A few notable exclusions are not on the Solar Review 10 Best Value Solar Panels of 2018. Some tough calls were made and  each product which made the final cut had at least one stand out feature which set itself apart from its peers in terms of value toward the end user. With 2019 now fast approaching a new wave of technology appears to be beckoning on our doorsteps. Expect more half cell solar panel options to be available and less polycrystalline cell structures in the pursuit of higher module efficiencies.

Got an opinion?

Whether you agree or disagree with the Solar Review Top 10 list of Best Value Solar Panels 2018, we would love to hear what you think. leave your thoughts below in the comments section!



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