Canadian Solar panels sound fantastic. Quality Canadian products? The offering is actually very limited in that regard. With one of the most misleading names in the solar industry and as one of the world’s largest producers of solar panels,  bulk of the manufacturing occurs in China. Does this mean the Canadian Solar CS6K-P solar module range is a bad option? Potentially not if facts and testing extremities are anything to go by.

.Make and model:  Canadian Solar CS6K-P.

Variants:  285 | 290 | 295 | 300 | 305 W.

  Rear wind loading, Parts & Labour Guarantee.

  Uninspiring design.

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The good news is that it’s clear to see that the Canadian Solar CS6K-P range of solar panels are derived from a fully automated manufacturing process. Even though the excess silicon beaded around the rear edges to maintain ingress protection is excessively evident, this too is obviously automated due to the precise nature. Continuing with the visual design assessment, the polycrystalline cell structure is more fragmented as opposed to a clean one colour polycrystalline cell pattern. As polycrystalline cells are simply melted down silicon rocks, the appearance is purely that. Some appear more streamlined in colour, other appear more fragmented.

Beyond an uninspiring polycrystalline module design, aiding electron flow is an appealing 5-busbar front cell contact variant. Furthermore, a white EVA substrate (back sheet) ensures lower surface temperatures for lowered circuit resistance. Finally, with no individual award to speak about relating the Canadian Solar CS6K-P solar module, there is very little to get excited about from a design aspect.

Canadian Solar

  • Polycrystalline cell.
  • 5 Ribbon front bar connection.
  • No enhancer.
  • Glass-laminate (White).
  • Out of date.
  • No awards listed.
  • VDE certified.


Surprisingly impressive given the uninspiring design. Above average marks are awarded for a better than expected score lies within the loading capabilities. There is, however, a disclaimer. The impressive load rating is awarded towards additional reinforcement from a third rail mounting and clamping zone through the centre of the module. In a standard mounting formation (2-rail) the Canadian Solar CS6K-P load ratings conform only to IEC Standard.

As a key durability assessment criteria, there is no added evaluation on Damp Heat Testing (DHT) or Thermal Cycle Testing to suggest that the Canadian Solar CS6K-P module range is above IEC Standard. Ammonia resistance is regarded as respectable conforming to IEC 62716 and hail impact is indistinguishable. 

Canadian Solar CSK6 - 285P Panel

Canadian Solar

CS6K-P Features; GOOD
  • Snow load 6000Pa.
  • Front wind load 4000Pa.
  • Rear wind load 4000Pa.
  • Damp heat testing 1000Hrs.
  • Thermal cycle 200Hrs.
  • PID not listed.
  • Salt mist resistance certification IEC 61701 (Severity 6).
  • Amonia resistance certification IEC 62716.
  • Hail impact not listed.


Obtaining a super high efficiency ranking from a polycrystalline solar panel is always going to be difficult. What’s pleasing to see is that the Canadian Solar CS6K-P range possess one of the better performing modules efficiency wise over all standard 60-cell solar panel designs available.

Maximum efficiency is stated up to 18.63% in 305W variants. Beyond that a -0.39%C temperature coefficient is superior for a polycrystalline cell base and the positive power tolerance from 0-3%+ defines an admirable composite of integral components within the module.


Canadian Solar CSK6 - 285P Panel

Canadian Solar

CS6K-P Efficiency; VERY GOOD
  • 17.1% Maximum module efficiency.
  • -0.40%°C Temperature coefficient.
  • 0/3%+ Power tolerance.


The best performing element of the Canadian Solar CS6K-P solar module range is easily the overall performance guarantee. Although nothing spectacular, the above average score is boosted by the more respectable trait of a discretionary parts and labour guarantee should the performance not conform over the nominated 25-year period. The linear 0.7% annual degradation rate is now considered average after an initial first year degradation of 3%, resulting in a performance guarantee no less than 80% of the nominated power by year 25.

Canadian Solar CSK6 - 285P Panel

Canadian Solar

CS6K-P Performance; SUPERIOR
  • 3% degradation in the 1st year.
  • 0.7% degradation per annum.
  • 25-year linear performance warranty.
  • Parts & service performance warranty.


A 10-year product guarantee with no manufacturer trained installer network lets the Canadian Solar CS6K-P solar panel range down in the guarantee stakes. Installers with full comprehension of manufacturer issued installation guidelines have a better opportunity to uphold product integrity for the anticipated lifetime. Not adhering to manufacturer specifications (irrelevant of 3rd party certifications) will void any guarantee. On the up side the the guarantee on offer is a comprehensive parts and labour warranty. An offer better than many. 

Canadian Solar CSK6 - 285P Panel

Canadian Solar

CS6K-P Guarantee; GOOD
  • 12-year warranty.
  • Parts & service warranty.
  • No authorised installer network.


The Canadian Solar CS6K-P solar module range presents as a somewhat good compromise between product quality and affordability risking very little when backed by one of the world’s largest solar panel manufacturers. For someone which understands very little about solar technology Canadian Solar CS6K-P range could be considered a fair option if budget limitations restrict access to something a little more evolved.

Canadian Solar

  • Design 2.8
  • Durability 3.8
  • Efficiency 3.3
  • Performance 4.0
  • Guarantee 3.5
[ 4.8 - 5 ] The pinnacle of certified specification.
[ 4.3 - 4.7 ] A rare calibre of technology produced by the industry elite.
[ 3.8 - 4.2 ] Specifications which are exceedingly superior to that of the industry average.
Very Good
[ 3.3 - 3.7 ] Advanced technology against the industry average.
[ 2.8 - 3.2 ] Better than the industry average is that of which strives a portion better.
[ 2.3 - 2.7 ] A score within this bracket is considered the industry average specification.
[ 1.8 - 2.2 ] Considered below the industry mainstream average.
[ 1.3 - 1.7 ] There's better, there's also worse.
[ 0.8 - 1.2 ] Far below the modern industry average.
[ 0.3 - 0.7 ] Possesses specifications which are absent or unverified by a certified testing institute.
[ 0 - 0.2 ] Unlikely for technology manufactured in the modern era.


How was the score for the Canadian Solar CS6K-P range of solar panels calculated? By utilising the Solar Review Module Assessment Criteria V2.3 > 

Data sheet – Canadian Solar CS6K-P >


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