Fronius build reliable solar inverters, however, did you know there are over 100 potential Fronius error codes? Most of which are not related to the inverter directly and more associated with external influences. That’s why it’s important to have a knowledgeable and resourceful partner on your side when installing a Fronius inverter as part of your new energy system. Solar Review technicians understand intelligent technologies such as Fronius, here are the best tips to resolving your Fronius error codes.

1. Identify the code

Fronius error codes are delivered in a simple three number format. Write these numbers down or even better take a photo with your smartphone (future sharing and logging purposes if required).

Fronius Fault Codes

2. Environmental conditions

Ensuring your environmental conditions are as close to optimal as possible will aid better diagnosis of particular Fronius error codes. What’s meant by this? Assess the environment associated directly with the solar array.

  • Are the local conditions Sunny or cloudy?
  • Is the temperature an extreme? (greater than 35 or less than 5 degrees Celsius)
  • Is there soiling inhibiting the production of the solar panels? (Bird excrement, excessive dust)
  • Is the inverter adequately ventilated? (no inhibiting external factors since installation)

3. Prior events

Were there any significant external influences or events which may have caused the associated Fronius error code to arise? Identifying such influences could ensure an expedited resolution. Withholding information could simply delay the inevitable as a testing process is required for advanced Fronius error codes and potential warranty claims. Prior to noticing the Fronius error code was there:

  • Excessive rain?
  • Lightning or thunder in your localised region?
  • Building related disturbances to the wiring or structure?
  • Power outages noticed from you grid supply? (Did you have to reset any clocks in your building?)

4. Solar.web log (if applicable)

If connected to the internet through your WiFi connection, Fronius error codes can also be reported through email and the Fronius Solar.web logging feature – great for identifying trends. Additionally, this is often the most responsive way of identifying Fronius error codes as they are reported within a short period of occurrence or immediately if set-up correctly. Solar Review technicians recommend all Fronius inverter owners identify that their Fronius inverter is connected to the internet on a weekly basis via logging into the Solar.web app, ensuring the recorded information is up to date and reporting as expected.

Fronius Solarweb PV System Comparison

To access service messages via Fronius Solar.web visit > Login > Service Messages (Tab) > Service Messages redirect to old site > OK

5. Review the code

Identify then act. This page is intended to aid self-resolution and identify prospective causes. The video provided is to assist customers navigate the Solar Review site to locate the Fronius error codes main page when all you have is Google. Progressing forward is where Solar Review truly flexes its technical, online muscle, with an in-depth 24/7 solution. For a direct link CLICK HERE >

6. Take action

With the 5-prior steps above covered you now are equipped with the knowledge to assist a resolution for your Fronius error codes! If however, you are even more confused than when you started try leaving a comment below for assistance from the Solar Review community. Here’s that video again.

Rest assured

When you subscribe to Solar Review, you gain the industry’s greatest technical minds to assist you on your energy journey for life. Knowledge which will avail prolonged heartache and disappointment from fault moded or unresponsive products… (Continued below)

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