Is the Fronius Smart Meter really worth the additional expense? How will the additional features actually benefit you? As expectations from a self generated power supplies increase, so to does the dilemma of whether to include a Fronius Smart Meter or not. Fact is, this one device could help save you thousands more than without it. 

It’s highly likely you are either one of two scenarios. You are looking to purchase a brand new solar energy system with a Fronius solar inverter. Or you are looking to enhance the current features of your existing Fronius infused solar energy system. No matter which camp you are from the following 6 reasons why you need a Fronius Smart Meter are for you

6. Save thousands more.

You really could save thousands of dollars more over your systems production life through better energy insight. Here’s how…As opposed to simply generating energy and guessing what appliances to use and when, using the Fronius Smart Meter gives one the ability to know what your installation maybe consuming in energy and understand what shifting must occur. 

Simply operating electrical appliances during the middle of the day isn’t going ensure the best result. Depending on the maximum power output of your solar system, staggering appliance operation time is often the better solution. A Fronius Smart Meter facilitates the required and effortless load shifting insight due to a better understanding of consumption data. An ability to accurately load shift inline with solar production is the key to energy true saving success.

Bonus fact: Better load shifting abilities will reduce the need for a larger battery capacity in the future, saving thousands more!

5. It’s different to your electricity meter.

EM1000 Energy Meter

Above: Smart Meter vs Smart Meter – Not the same.

Considering new versions of supply authority owned electricity meters can also referred to as Smart Meters in certain regions of the world, these serve two completely separate purposes.

Your supply authority owned Smart Meter isn’t very smart to your advantage, unless you are prepared to manually cycle through the necessary recordings at the intervals you desire and are prepared to record the information on a spreadsheet for an ongoing basis.

The Fronius Smart Meter provides energy import and export data in conjunction with production data from the solar energy system for the end user, through a user-friendly online portal. Te Fronius Solar.web portal enables a user to easily calculate the perfect time for appliance operation in times of optimum energy savings or when surplus energy is being exported to the grid.

4. Superior insight.

Utilising the Fronius Solar.web online portal, access your complete energy profile. The entire picture in association with a Fronius grid-connected inverter.

Energy saving insight below with & without the assistance of the Fronius Smart Meter:

Solar Production Data
With Fronius Smart Meter
Without Fronius Smart Meter
Grid Energy Consumption Data
With Fronius Smart Meter
Without Fronius Smart Meter
Solar Energy Export Data
With Fronius smart Meter
Without Fronius smart Meter
Monetary Evaluation Data
With Fronius Smart Meter
Without Fronius Smart Meter
Full Energy Profile
With Fronius Smart Meter
Without Fronius Smart Meter

*Above scores for Consumption Data, Export Data and Monetary Data in the Without section are awarded based on manual data recording and no viewable data from within Fronius Solar.web portal. 

3. View from anywhere.

Fronius Primo Monitoring by Solar Review

In assistance with an accompanying WiFi connection, view your entire energy profile LIVE from wherever you are in the world with an internet connection and a smart device. The world is evolving to more intelligent appliances which can operate in the palm of your hand on demand. Viewing the detailed energy analysis of your home or business as you need it is one less complication you no longer need to worry about in anticipation of your electricity bill arrival.

2. All power supplies benefit.

Fronius Smart Meter

Both single phase and three phase power supplies have the opportunity to gain full insight into the entire energy supply. Unlike many alternative manufacturers who have not quite yet perfected the art of both single and three phase power supplies, rest assured Fronius have with two versions of the Fronius Smart Meter. No mater your grid power supply, the Fronius Smart Meter is built for your installation.

1. Unrivalled energy management.

The Fronius Smart Meter is a major piece towards understanding your entire energy profile. Understanding how you use your electricity ensures you can mange it better. Very few string inverter type solar energy systems, combined with an integrated smart meter, can provide such detailed analytics for both homeowner and supporting installer.

Do you need one?

Yes! if you love data as much as we do that is. However, at the end of the day, it will depend on your individual circumstance and how well you can adapt to technology. If you don’t care much for data, energy analysis or retaining historical information, then it won’t be of much use. Education though is the key, a better understanding of the elements will always take you further.

99% of technical experts will suggest the Fronius Smart Meter is a key component in controlling bill reduction and giving the end user the ability to see what other solar energy system owners cannot.

If you would like a copy of the associated technical details, simply click the required buttons below to download now.

Got questions?

Get free advice to the answers you seek. Submit your questions below and let the world be enlightened at the same time.

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  1. Hi, I was wondering if you have any contacts who may install a Fronius Smart Meter onto an existing Fronius system that I already have? Do you know what I might expect to pay for installation?

    • Solar Review is not aligned with any manufacturer or installer. As for cost the product and service are very much installation specific and the following variables will affect the cost:

      -Single or three-phase power supply.
      -Available switchboard space.
      -Distance from the Fronius inverter to the main switchboard.
      -Building accessibility.

      Smarter energy is most definitely better energy, you are on the right track seeking out the Fronius Smart Meter.

  2. Hi Solar Review, I have recently had a solar system installed, 6kw of Trina panels with a 5kw ABB inverter. My inverter doesn’t come with wifi app and doesn’t tell me what I’m using, only what it’s bringing in. Will the smart meter connect to my meter box and tell me all of this info or do I need a Fronius inverter etc? Regards, Ash Homewood.

    • In your particular scenario consider Solar Analytics. It truly is superior for installations which don’t come with a manufacturer supplied monitoring device, software, app etc much like your scenario. Essentially these guys do monitoring exceptionally well and in many cases, better than the manufacturers themselves. In conjunction with energy import/ export/ production information, Solar Analytics delivers independent information based on your geographical location as to whether your solar energy system is producing to expectation or not.

      Finally the BIG plus, Solar Analytics communicates via the 3G mobile network = No WiFi dropouts. Both Fronius software & Solar Analytics is superb for system monitoring. Therefore the answer is simple, if you have a Fronius inverter, choose the Fronius Smart Meter, if you have anything else, definitely consider Solar Analytics as a superior monitoring product and software.

  3. When you install the smart meter to your Fronius should you lose prior data like earnigs that the inverter software had captured? I have had mine stop recording at 8pm or 10pm to always restart at midnight. Earning showing as $00.00 or stuck on some other amount for days. Installer giving my extra investment little interest even though I will not pay until it is accurate like the software that came with the inverter. All it was missing really was from grid use.

  4. Hi we recently installed a 15kw solar system with a Fronius 15kw inverter and Fronius smart meter. I have been monitoring very closely over the last 2 months and have found that the electricity companies meter is out by over 50% compared to our FSM. Usage is 50%+ higher & the feed to the grid is also approx. 50% higher than the FSM. Just wondering if you have heard of this before?

    • Is it an electricity bill or a meter reading that you are gauging the electricity usage by? If it’s the electricity bill is there a chance it has been estimated by the utility?

  5. Hi. I am about to install a system with a Tesla power wall 2 and fronius primo 2 invertor. Will the tesla app tell me the same info as the fronius smart meter or should I get the meter as well. Thanks

    • You may find your Tesla monitoring data limited into what the Fronius Solar.web software can offer as this is one of the more detailed platforms available. That being said, if you are after general consumption insight, the Tesla app may suffice.

  6. Hi, we have just had a Fronius 6W 3-phase inverter installed with the standard energy provider smart meter. We are looking at either a Fronius Smart Meter or a Solar Analytics smart meter. Given the posts in this section are from 2018, has much changed ie. which smart meter would be better. We like the look and feel of the SA smart meter however is it better to go with similar branded components.

    • Solar Analytics is a very good software which utilises cellular data as opposed to WiFi which can be quite advantageous in certain scenarios. Remember, inverter manufacturers are hardware manufacturers first, software developers second. Solar Analytics is a software developer first. It’s highly likely won’t be disappointed with Solar Analytics as it is consistently updated to deliver the information you require plus more.

  7. Hi message states, Smart Meter not connected. I got a challenge number 398413 but I don’t know what to do next. Thank you

  8. My 3rd party solar company has installed a smart meter. Can this be used by my energy retailer as well or does my energy retailer have to install a different smart meter of their own?

  9. Hi, I will be getting 2 x 5KW Fronius inverters for two phases, I have 2 phase power. I have researched and found that the information from teh smart meter will only be accurate if I use a Fronius 3phase smart meter (with just 2 phases connected). Is this true? Thanks


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