Although nothing new hybrid solar inverters have begun gaining traction. Question is, do you need one? Probably not as many respectable solar inverter designs are compromised, or dimensions increased, in order to accommodate the additional features one desires within a singular box. That being said, is the Goodwe EM Series hybrid inverter a technology revolution or simply convoluted solar inverter?


Make and model:  Goodwe EM.

Variants:  3 | 3.7 | 5 kW.

Good: Features, Performance.

Not so good: Software.


Goodwe certainly is not holding back on the optional front of inverter technology. Release after release appears to be accommodating a gap where alternative leading brands are failing to fulfil. With minimal options in hybrid solar inverter technologies able to provide a multimode solar and battery power supply with an emergency power supply function, is the Goodwe EM series finally the solution we’ve been searching for?

Matching specifications of Design, Features, Performance, Guarantee, Software and Affordability against comparative industry specifications will provide the enlightenment one requires.

Which Goodwe inverter do you require? The Goodwe EM is a single-phase hyrbid solar and battery inverter by Goodwe for systems rated at 3 – 5 kW and a backup AC output up to 2300 W.

  • Single-phase, 3 – 5 kW, Goodwe EM Series (You are here)
  • Single-phase, 3.6 – 5 kW, Goodwe ES Series >
How to know if you have a single phase or 3-phase power supply? 


GoodWe Hybrid EM Inverter Image

 As a new release hybrid (multi-mode) solar and battery inverter with UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply) functionality, one would anticipate a the Goodwe EM Series to be fairly innovative design. Unfortunately, once hands-on, the design feels almost uninspiring. Reflected with no known or reputable international awards, the result is more of an inverter built to accommodate a niche with little refinement in the process. What feels like a box with simply more technology crammed into it to do what many end users are desperate for. Complimenting the Goodwe EM Series is a versatile, convection cooled (fanless) all-weather IP 65 build, which should endure most scenarios.

Download the new Goodwe EM Series datasheet here:

3.9A SUERIOR design, the Goodwe EM Series solar inverter accrued a Solar Review Inverter Assessment Criteria Design score of 3.9 out of 5.


GoodWe Hybrid EM Inverter Image

On the upside, overall design dimensions are comparative to alternative single-mode Goodwe options. Additionally, the Goodwe EM series has managed to retain the dual solar MPPT input with the additional benefit of a nominated shadow management protocol onboard. How good a shadow management protocol remains questionable as it appears to be optional as opposed to constant. A nice to have expanded monitoring capabilities come standard with the Goodwe EM Series thanks to a manufacturer supplied energy meter.

Features lacking within the Goodwe EM Series is the absence of Ethernet communication, supporting WiFi only. For most, not a major issue, but for those concerned about WiFi dropouts and security, this could be a deal breaker. Continuing on the absent features front is no inbuilt DC isolator, no 1st party (Goodwe) module-level optimisation and no 1st party rapid shutdown options. Those features aside, where the Goodwe EM Series excels above many is on a more configurative level with the advantage of remote operational parameter adjustments available via Goodwe support.

3.5A SUPERIOR feature rating, the Goodwe EM Series solar inverter accrued a Solar Review Inverter Assessment Criteria Features score of 3.5 out of 5. 


GoodWe Hybrid EM Inverter Image

A respectable performer by specifications. The Goodwe EM Series pitches itself inline with some of the industries best, consistently ticking the right boxes. European weighted efficiency with such componentry incorporated is admirable at 97%. Furthermore, a wide operating temperature range is available from -25oC to +60oC (-13oF to +140oF) with temperature performance derating +45oC (113oF) and above. With such an inclusive package, weight is exceptional at a mere 17kG, although when handling feels like more. Rounding off a superior performance category, noise emission is less than 25 db(A).

Average Inverter 95%
Goodwe EM Series 97%

Above: Solar inverter European efficiency.

4.1Considered SUPERIOR, the Goodwe EM Series solar inverter accrued a Solar Review Inverter Assessment Criteria Performance score of 4.1 out of 5.


GoodWe Hybrid EM Inverter Image

When the Goodwe EM series got each bit better beyond each previous category, enter the guarantee vs the industries best. When investing thousands into an energy dependency product which promises so much, one expects a manufacturer backed guarantee worthy of the investment. In modern days manufacturers with exceptional products in a sea full of competition are beginning to put their money where their mouth is, as they say. 

The Goodwe EM series inverter, alike all Goodwe inverter warranties are not very inspiring by any modern standard. 5-year product warranty, 5-year manufacturer service warranty and unfortunately no manufacturer authorised installer network ensures a warranty which falls short of where exceptional brands prioritise consumer confidence.

Average Inverter (base)
Goodwe EM (base)

Above: Base manufacturer warranty on a scale of 12-years. 

2.3AVERAGE, Goodwe EM Series solar inverters accrued a Solar Review Inverter Assessment Criteria Guarantee score of 2.3 out of 5.


GoodWe Hybrid EM Inverter Image

See the SEMS Portal monitoring software review for detailed software monitoring insight (Coming Soon).

3.0Considered GOOD, the Goodwe SEMS Portal monitoring software accrued a Solar Review Inverter Assessment Criteria Software score of 3.0 out of 5.

Technology Ranking.

3.4The Goodwe EM Series is considered a fair product technology wise ranking VERY GOOD in the Solar Review Inverter Assessment Criteria without affordability points applied. To view the overall product score and entire product summary at the bottom of this post, Keep scrolling!


GoodWe Hybrid EM Inverter Image

With so much technology within one package, affordability truly is dependant on those with a particular need. If a specific compatible battery is in mind with a limited peak backup power supply of no more than 2300Wp is required then affordability is exceptional.

As a gauge, Goodwe EM Series 5 kW inverters are available online from:

USD 1560  |  AUD 2200  |  EURO 1370

Excludes taxes, shipping and installation.

3.2Presenting GOOD affordability for the technology, the Goodwe EM solar inverter accrued a Solar Review Inverter Assessment Criteria Affordability score of 3.2 out of 5.


3.4With so much promise what could have been the game changing hybrid inverter many had hoped for remains far shy of mainstream consumer expectation. That being said, if you have a specific need/ supply with a specific battery in mind, the Goodwe EM series could be a solution at the more affordable end of the spectrum. Upgrading the warranty to 10-years at the time of writing is almost the price of the inverter itself. Proving an expensive inverter choice should the technology not survive much beyond the initial 5-year warranty period.

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