Beyond the marketing fluff, you’re here researching whether a particular residential range of Growatt inverter is the ideal solution for your project. Selecting the right solar inverter for the task is often as individual as one’s home, therefore, which option should you consider? 

Manufacturer:  Growatt New Energy Technology.

Series: MIC TL-X, MIN TL, MOD KTL3-X, Hybrid SPH, Hybrid SPH-3.

Variants:  Single-phase, Three-phase, Storage.

Note: This post is currently being updated to SRC2.5 2021. Estimated update completion: 19th March 2021.

*Commercial & off-grid inverters exempt.


Unlike most solar product reviews, it’s worth mentioning that not all Growatt inverters are the same beast. Use this guide to understand the Growatt inverter solution to match your solar supply requirements and review in finer detail the particular Growatt inverter model.

Below are the residential Growatt inverter options reviewed or scored by category of single-phase, three-phase and storage.


The recent release of single-phase Growatt inverters has taken a big leap forward catering towards the modern aesthetic appeal sort after by many end-users.

Model Qualities Rank Detail
0.7 - 3 kW, max effc up to 45ºC, WiFi connectivity, single tracking.
3.5 very good
Growatt TL-X mini
3 - 6 kW, max effc up to 45ºC, WiFi connectivity, dual tracking.
3.6 very good
Growatt Inverters Review


Lacking the modern appeal of its single-phase Growatt counterpart, the three-phase Growatt inverters end-user can consider are as below.

Model Qualities Rank Detail
3 - 6 kW, max effc up to 45ºC, Ethernet connectivity, dual tracking.
3.4 very good
Growatt Inverter Review TL3-S


A new trend many solar inverter manufacturers now seek to contend is within the energy storage sector. Two significant hurdles exist though, modern battery compatibility and end-user expectation of what the compatible battery supply can deliver.

Model kW Qualities Rank Detail
Single-phase, Selected Low Voltage (LV) DC coupled battery connectivity.

Three-phase, Selected High Voltage (HV) DC coupled battery connectivity.

3.2 good

High Voltage (HV) DC Coupled lithium battery technologies are edging closer towards becoming the new norm, manufacturers such as Growatt are developing their own battery technologies to ensure a seamless battery option.

As both modern battery and inverter must communicate between each other, the drawback exists where inverter and battery manufacturers must work together to ensure a communicative solution, further limiting options.

Growatt SPH TL-3 Three phase Inverter


Over the last decade, the Growatt solar inverter range has established a place in the modern solar market. Producing various products at the more affordable end of the spectrum, Growatt has displayed the ability to evolve consistently, while supporting past product releases with reliable warranty support.

Considering all current residential models Growatt solar inverters as a range rank as VERY GOOD overall utilising the Solar Review Inverter Assessment Criteria.


Solar Inverters Overall; VERY GOOD
  • MIC TL-X - 3.5
  • TL-X MINI - 3.6
  • TL3 - 3.4
  • Hybrid SPH - 3.3
  • Hybrid SPH4-TL3 - 3.2


*AVG references industry average specifications.


How was the score for the Growatt range of solar inverters calculated? By using the Solar Review Inverter Assessment Criteria V2.5 >

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  1. Recently I had a Growatt Mini 5000TL-X installed, I must say that it works very well. The only complaint I have with Growatt, is that I have been trying to Set up the WiFi Dongle with my Windows 10 Computer.
    Twice I have emailed Growatt in Australia, asking for support, as the leaflet, supplied with the Inverter, is not very clear regarding the WiFi Set Up. They should be able to provide some support,

    • Same type of experience…… do not expect a lot of help from service for connecting the wifi. I simply gave up and now looking for a new inverter. My two 7600MTLP were just commissioned 15 Dec 2020. It seem like servicing them will be an issues if something goes wrong if I get help with pairing the wifi.

  2. I got 2 off 5 kw Growatt installed in May 2020. Todate could the installers not yet get it to work properly. Upgrade software supplied by supplier not correct and I now have to wait 2 weeks again for repairs. Service by Growatt supplier pathetic. Wish I never bough Growatt.

  3. I agree with Chris de Jager, I also wish I never bought the inverter. We installed a 3 kVa 24V Growatt Inverter on 26 June 2020 just before lockdown happened. The WiFi App did not work at all. The inverter was extremely noisy – like a loud fan running continuously. The system broke a couple of months afterwards and by then it was too late to cancel the whole thing. So, we have been sitting with a hole in the wall since 24 August 2020. At least the supplier has opted to replace it with a bigger 48V inverter, but this system needs 2 x extra batteries. They brought the replacement today, but the installers could not install it because we only have 2 x batteries.

    After doing some research I think that 48V is the way to go, but I still wonder whether it will be noisy? Now we just have to wait for new batteries to arrive and hope that there is not another lockdown looming around the corner so that they can install it.

    So, in short, we bought the system 5 months ago and still have nothing.

  4. Yep same Problem Off Grid 5000 ES bought the dongle do you think you an get it to connect to the internet or APP ? now way !!
    I have stuffed around with it for so many hours
    o Victron that’s what my other system is works great

  5. If you don´t want problems, never buy a Growatt. Service by Growatt supplier doesn’t work!!! My inverter have worked 3 weeks…Ibought the system 2 months ago and still problem fixed!!!


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