From 2018 the solar inverter technology evolution will ramp up exponentially. In the early days, a grid connected solar inverter had one job, To converter DC energy into useable AC electrical energy. Today, the expectations of one singular device are so much more. The Huawei SUN2000L series of solar inverter technology is proving to be a respectable option for those seeking greater value in a solar energy system.


Huawei SUN2000L Solar Inverter Solar Review

Reddot design awarded 2017, Huawei has developed one of the most aesthetically pleasing solar inverter in recent years with a minimalist exterior combined with features unmatched by previous leading solar inverters.

Designed with your energy future in mind, Huawei SUN2000L inverters are built to be easily expanded with a superior solar battery option. Through a digitally superior, less copper internal construction, Huawei SUN2000L solar inverters are virtually maintenance free thanks to no moving parts. The fully sealed IP65 design incorporates a corrosion resistant, visually minimal, aluminium exterior. An exceptionally well thought out design many will aspire to compete with.


Huawei SUN2000L Solar Inverter Features Solar Review

The Huawei SUN2000L series of solar inverters are equipped with a DC coupled, high voltage battery interface. More specifically ready for the LG Chem RESUH solar battery range. Additionally, should you decide to incorporate solar panel optimisation in the future, the Huawei optimisers are a harmonious companion.

Greater reliability against electricity supply variables. Huawei SUN2000L solar inverters have internally integrated (AC & DC) surge arrestors and a simplified electrical architecture for greater product reliability.

With an LED only end user interface, full energy visualisation is achieved through the Huawei FusionHome software which boasts smarter energy management features for less grid dependency. Additional features through Huawei optimiser technology:

  • Optimise all or only shade affected solar panels to mitigate extra capital cost.
  • Optimised solar panels can display additional module level monitoring capabilities through the Huawei FusionHome application.
  • Optimising a shade affected solar panel can increase the total solar array performance by up to 30%.

The added benefit of module level monitoring ensures each optimised solar panel is performing as stated, now and into the future. 


Huawei has developed a world first, patented 5-level topology ensuring less copper and therefore states fewer losses. The new Huawei solar inverter range is now one of the most efficient string solar inverters available for residential applications with a maximum efficiency of 98.6%.

Throughout 2018 reports have emerged, when under peak load or when solar array oversizing, outside of standard test conditions, the Huawei SUN2000L solar inverters tend to radiate excessive heat. Excessive heat in any electronic circuit will inevitable have a less than desirable effect on performance.


Becoming the industry norm for 10-year inverter warranties, the Huawei SUN2000L solar inverter series is equipped with a 5+5-year manufacturer warranty. Meaning, that the first 60-months (5-yrs) in the event of a warranty claim, Huawei will cover the cost of spare parts, logistics and replacement. The final 60-months (5-yrs) Huawei will provide the part only, logistics and service are not covered by the manufacturers warranty.

Although a layered 10-yr warranty, there is a very big advantage about the Huawei 5+5-yr warranty, an additional warranty extension activation is not required after installation, unlike Fronius or SMA. 


Onboarding, user experience and technical information could be a lot better. Although displaying the essential energy generation information this is potentially one of the more lackluster monitoring portals a user will experience. It can only be assumed that the software design was secondary to the overall hardware and Huawei are still working on consistent releases in the near future, as most competing manufacturers have had years of refinement to produce a well refined software for the end user.


Consider the Huawei SUN2000L series of solar inverters are a multi-mode (Hybrid) solar inverter with a 10-year manufacturers product warranty. Despite a few elements for improvement, with these two specifications alone, the Huawei SUN2000L solar inverter range represent exceptional value for money. In fact, when compared with similar hybrid inverter technologies by alternative manufacturers expect to pay approximately 30% – 50% less.


Certain solar panel array design limitations are present when looking to pair a Huawei SUN2000L with the LG Chem RESUH. Additionally, despite the inclusion of a battery input terminal, Huawei SUN2000L solar inverters do not provide a back up power supply from the battery in the event of a power failure. If back up power and the rare solar array design limitation are a non issue, understand that Huawei have produced a technically superior and innovative solar inverter technology many competitors in 2019 will seek to compete with. 

The question mark. As a new manufacturer to an international distribution in 2018, what remains to be seen is the overall reliability of the Huawei SUN2000L solar inverter in real-world conditions. 

Where to next? Beyond the the Huawei SUN2000L series, Huawei must seek to meet the consumer expectation of providing consumers with a back up power supply function and greater array design flexibility in conjunction with energy storage.

The revolutionary Huawei solar inverter.

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