Once known solely as a global mass producer of affordable solar modules, 2020s variances of Jinko solar panels offer more than just affordability. A new decade presents a new twist in the Jinko Solar range which many will get excited.

.Manufacturer:  Jinko Group.

Series: Eagle, Cheetah, Swan, Tiger.

Variants: Multicrystalline, Monocrystalline.

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Identifying with the market seeking more than just a solar panel, in the last 2-years, the latest Jinko Solar panels released have offered a little more for the astute end-user.

In 2019, the Jinko Swan acquired the converted InterSolar Europe Award for innovation with the Jinko Bifacial Swan solar panel.

From 2020, Jinko will release the Jinko Tiger, a sleek Shingled monocrystalline solar panel exceeding the 20% module efficiency mark with a premium twist. A premium product and performance warranty for added end-user confidence.

With four main small scale product lines of Jinko Solar panels available in 2020, discover their rankings against the Solar Review Module Assessment Criteria below.

Note; Residential 60-cell (or equivalent) solar panels considered only.

Multi options.

A high volume super affordable design solar module almost synonymous with the name Jinko. The Eagle 60P panel lacks the high-efficiency specifications of the monocrystalline Jinko range, however, provides the basic solution by an internationally recognised brand many seek.

Model Qualities Rank Detail
265-285W, white back sheet, 60-cell, max efficiency 17.41%
3.6 very good

Overall score at the bottom of this post. 

The multicrystalline Jinko Eagle 60P solar panel is best suited for end-users seeking an affordable solar module with an abundance of surface area for maximum power output potential.

Jinko Eagle 60P Panel

Mono options.

Monocrystalline designs are where Jinko solar panels begin to get a little more exciting and where there are four primary considerations. Each offers something unique, depending on the task or purchasing factors.

The Cheetah HC (half-cell) compared to the Cheetah, takes advantage of the modern half-cell design, which in turn increases the maximum efficiency in the range. Each will present as the more affordable Jinko mono options.

Jinko’s answer to maximising the potential of tilted solar arrays, the Swan, produces energy from the rear of the cell through bifacial qualities. A lightweight translucent Dupont back sheet facilitated the claim for the European InterSolar Award for innovation 2019. Best suited for tilted arrays (glass-glass variants available).

Potentially the most exciting Jinko release for many residential end-users in 2020 by Jinko takes the form of the Tiger. A shingle cell module with Jinko’s greatest warranty. An admirable 15-year product warranty (20-yr in selected regions) combined with a 30-year performance warranty (N-Type mono models) combines with the best all-round specifications by Jinko.

Model Qualities Rank Detail
315-335W, White back sheet, 60-cell, max efficiency 20.08%
3.9 superior
Cheetah HC
325-345W, White back sheet, 120-half cell, max efficiency 20.45%
3.9 superior
320-340W, translucent back sheet, 120-half cell, max efficiency 19.79%
4.0 superior
370-390W, White back sheet, Shingle-cell, max efficiency 20.69%
4.2 superior

Overall score at the bottom of this post. 

Jinko Solar Swan Bifacial HC 60M Image


Despite a best-suited scenario for each Jinko solar module, one must give credit where credit is due. Recent releases of Jinko Solar panels present an entirely squared celled design as opposed to typical angled (diamond) corners.

Such a design maximises the cell surface area while from an end-users perspective enhances the overall aesthetic appeal with a streamlined appearance.

The recent crop of premium modules by one of the world’s largest manufacturers (by volume) ensure the potential of Jinko solar panels begin to become less associated average and more associated with admired. 


Solar Panels Overall; Elite
  • Eagle - 3.5
  • Cheetah - 3.9
  • Cheetah HC - 3.9
  • Swan - 4.0
  • Tiger - 4.2



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