More precisely, LG solar panels vs the infamous Tier-1 labeled solar panels.  Up to 25% greater efficiency than the Tier-1 manufactured solar panel average is remarkable and a testament to refined engineering. However, the case for LG Solar panels can be viewed as far greater than the LG NeON R models alone. 

Consider what expectations you have of the right solar panels for your home. Are you concerned about how well the solar panel should perform? Is durability when exposed to the elements a significant consideration? Should there be a reliable product and performance warranty to back the manufacturer’s claims? If you’ve been deliberating these thoughts or more, then keep reading and discover a super heavyweight clash, LG Solar panels vs The Rest (Tier-1).


Premium Tier-1
Tier-1 average.

With only a small amount of research, it soon becomes obvious that LG Solar panels deliver more power in both NeON 2 and NeON R variants than the Tier-1 average. In fact, only one other make of solar panel comes close, Sunpower with the E-Series and X-Series respectively.

LG Solar NeON2 Cello Technology Solar Review


A solar panels power rating is entirely different to performance. Performance is how the solar panel works in your environment. A solar module which can perform better in its environment on a Watt for Watt basis delivers a higher yield (energy savings). Therefore, how well do LG Solar panels perform when compared to alternative Tier-1 solar panels? See below.

LG Solar NeON2 Panels Solar Review

Performance Ratio.

Alternative Tier-1 solar panels compared to LG NeON. Base line (left side)  at 82%.

LG Mono X (-3.14%)
Brand 1: -3.61%
Brand 2: -3.80%
Brand 3: -3.86%
Brand 4: -3.97%
Brand 5: -4.44%
Brand 6: -4.65%
Brand 7: -5.01%
Brand 8: -5.08%
Brand 9: -5.11%
Brand 10: -5.27%
Brand 11: -5.42%
Brand 12: -5.59%
Brand 13: -6.96%
Brand 14: -7.29%
Brand 15: -8.46%
Brand 16: -8.82%
Brand 17: -8.83%
Brand 18: -10.68%

View the full report by Nigel Morris the above date has been extracted from here > Performance – LG Solar Panels vs The Rest

PID Resistance.

LG Solar Scientifically Proven Solar Review

Potential Induced Degradation will cause a solar panels performance to decrease permanently. The less degradation, the more output from the solar panel.

High voltage stress test.

  • Homogeneous electric field at glass front side using AL foil, 1000 V bias.
  • Temperature 50 degC.
  • Humidity 50% rel.
  • Duration 48h.
LG Solar 100%
Brand 1
Brand 2
Brand 3
Brand 4
Brand 5
Brand 6
Brand 7
Brand 8
Brand 9
Brand 10
Brand 11
Brand 12

View the full LG report HERE > PID Degradation – LG Solar Panels vs The Rest


LG Solar Panels Solar Review

Don’t allow yourself to be confused by product warranty and performance warranty. The performance warranty of any solar panel is meaningless if the product is damaged or the manufacturer becomes obsolete.

Product Warranty.

LG Neon R - 25 Years
LG Neon 2 - 25 Years
Premium Tier-1 - 12 Years
Tier-1 - 10 Years

The greatest solar panel product warranty available is 30-years, supplied by Germany’s SolarWatt. Therefore, the above is a representation of solar panel product warranties on on a scale of 0 – 30 years. What’s important is not to confuse product warranty with performance warranty. 

Warranty Value.

What is a solar panels product warranty worth if the manufacturing company ceases to exist? The simple facts are that LG Electronics Inc, a global and financially strong company with over 50 years experience in technology to guarantee any product at an international level.

Longevity of companies.

LG Electronics
59+ Years
S+P 500 Average
19 Years
Tier-1 Solar Manufacturer Avg
11 Years

Warrantor’s sales 2015.

LG Electronics
Trina Solar
Jinko Solar
REC Solar

Above: Warrantor’s sales in billions of US dollars, scale of 0-52.5 billion

Warrantor’s sales 2016.

LG Electronics
First Solar
Trina Solar
Yingli Solar

Above: Warrantor’s sales in billions of US dollars, scale of 0-67.5 billion:


LG Solar Complete Home Energy Solution Solar Review

The most successful products in the world today are derived from the greatest innovations. By mid 2012, LG Solar had acquired 172 patents, more than any other solar panel manufacturer. LG Solar now boast some of the most efficient solar panels commercially available as proof of such innovation. Below The number of patent applications since 2009 – Mid 2012, scale 0 – 200.

LG Solar
Neo Solar Power
Yingli Green Energy
JA Solar
Trina Solar
Solar Fun Power
Hanwha Solarone
Jinko Solar

View the full LG report HERE > The Advantages – LG Solar Panels vs The Rest

The entire package

Why limit yourself at industry acclaimed solar panels? The LG Solar revolution looks set to continue long into the future. Combine the world’s greatest performing solar panel, LG, with the intelligent LG Home Energy Management system (HEMs) and the LG Chem solar battery for the ultimate future-proof home. LG Solar inverter technology is also available in selected countries.

Your thoughts?

Have you had experience with LG Solar panels in comparison with an alternative solar panel technology? If so, share your insight below!


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