You can find many facts regarding the acclaimed LG Solar range online, most of which will have little relevance as to how the module will work for you. Why not research the particular LG Solar panel you’re interested in by specification against the industries best?


Manufacturer:  LG Solar.

Series: NeON 2, NeON R.

Variants:  Monocrystalline.


When a well-known global electronics mega-corporation strolls into town and begins manufacturing solar panels, consideration is often worthwhile for the intrigued. LG manufacturing solar panels is nothing new, although LG’s solar division is quite young when compared to alternative solar only manufacturers.

To be admired is LG’s ability to innovate in times when volume marketing attempts to define success. The good news, in 2020 there appears to be no inferior model added to the LG line-up to increase volume. A steady increase in market share grows through product reputation and manufacturer assurance.

Residential 60-cell variants considered only.

NeON 2.

The 2015 InterSolar Award-winning design of the LG NeON 2 solar module range instigated a new manufacturing trend of multi-busbar technology to affect an overall efficiency increase.

For the pioneers, though, an excellent reputation grows. LG’s proprietary Cello technology continues to outperform in overall yield comparisons against many with a like for like efficiency.

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Model Qualities Rank Detail
NeON 2
345 - 350W, White back sheet, N-type mono PERC.
4.5 elite
NeON 2 Black
325 - 330W, Black back sheet, N-type mono PERC.
4.4 elite

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LG Solar panels in the LG NeON 2 range are ideally suited for those seeking an ultra-high performing solar panel set to exceed expectation with minimal degradation over time.

LG NeON 2 (N1K) 300W Image


Possessing a rear contact design the LG NeON R range opens up the solar cells energy harvesting potential by removing all busbars on the front surface of the solar module.

Such a design, while coupled with a refined N-Type monocrystalline cell ensures the LG NeON R solar module range is one of the most efficient solar modules commercially available.

Model Qualities Rank Detail
365 - 380W, White back sheet, N-type mono.
4.7 elite
NeON R Prime
350 - 370 W, Black back sheet, N-type mono.
4.6 elite

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The LG NeON R solar module range is ideally suited for those seeking maximum power from a nominated area with one of the industries most comprehensive long-term warranty periods.

LG NeON R (Q1C 365W) Image


A range compiled only of what is considered elite solar module options is going to force many end-users looking to purchase solar to consider alternative options.

The value of assurance can sometimes be priceless. Much confidence can be had with such a refined solar module range manufactured by a global electronics mega-corporation which is the LG brand. Broadly, the LG Solar panel range is one of the most refined available in 2020.

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LG NeON 2 Black
LG NeON R Prime
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