Sunday, March 7, 2021


    Huawei Solar Inverter Review by Solar Review

    OVERALL | Huawei Solar Inverter Review.

    Global electronics mega-corporation Huawei produces a somewhat limited residential inverter offering. Depending on one's perspective, there is either beauty in such simplicity or limitations...
    SolarEdge Review by Solar Review

    OVERALL | SolarEdge Solar Inverters Review.

    Polarising by a unique design common amongst all models within its range, the SolarEdge solar inverter suite is often loved or loathed amongst installers....
    Fronius Solar Inverters Review by Solar Review

    OVERALL | Fronius Solar Inverters Review.

    Considering a Fronius solar inverter as part of your new solar energy project? A few recent changes from Fronius may surprise many. As 2020...
    SMA Solar Inverter Review by Solar Review

    OVERALL | SMA Solar Inverters Review.

    As an industry stalwart, we've come to expect big things from the SMA brand. When combined though, how does the 2020 residential range of SMA...
    Growatt Solar Inverter Review by Solar Review

    OVERALL | Growatt Solar Inverter Review.

    Beyond the marketing fluff, you're here researching whether a particular residential range of Growatt inverter is the ideal solution for your project. Selecting the...
    The New SMA Sunny Tripower Inverter Solar Review

    10 Best 3-6kW Three-Phase Inverters 2019 (so far).

    Homeowner Edition: 3-6kW three-phase. In some areas of the world, three-phase residential power supplies are a big deal. The fact of the matter is, if...

    Fronius Primo Solar Inverter Review.

    Boasting many admirers due to good track record in the field, the Fronius Primo is purpose-built for single-phase power supplies. A remarkable design now...
    THE New Huawei SUN2000L-1

    New Huawei SUN2000-L1 Solar Inverter Score.

    Score only. The Solar Review Inverter Assessment Criteria compares the Huawei SUN2000-L1 series solar inverter against the industries best known specifications. The result, a...
    SolarEdge HD Wave Inverter

    SolarEdge HD Wave Inverter Review.

    In the beginning, you simply thought going solar would be a good idea. Now you’ve discovered a range of solar technology options which go...
    Huawei Sun2000L Inverter - Solar Review

    REVIEW | Huawei SUN2000L 2 – 5 kW (updated).

    In the early days, a grid-connected solar inverter had one job, to convert solar-generated DC energy into useable AC electrical energy. Today, the expectations...
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