Saturday, February 27, 2021


    LG Overall Solar Review by Solar Review

    OVERALL | LG Solar Panels Review.

    You can find many facts regarding the acclaimed LG Solar range online, most of which will have little relevance as to how the module...
    LG Solar Panels Solar Review

    LG solar panels vs the rest (Tier-1).

    More precisely, LG solar panels vs the infamous Tier-1 labeled solar panels.  Up to 25% greater efficiency than the Tier-1 manufactured solar panel average...
    Qcells Q.Peak Duo G5+ Solar Panel by Solar Review

    REVIEW | QCells Q.Peak Duo-G5+ 315 – 330W.

    It takes some specialty to become an InterSolar award-winning solar module and in 2018 the QCells Q.Peak Duo-G5 did just that.  Becoming awarded by...

    REVIEW | LG NeON 2 325 – 345W.

    What could be the worst buying decision you could make when investing thousands into a solar energy system? Seriously think about it for a...
    Solar Panel Ingress - Solar Review

    Solar Panel Ingress (Tier-1) Exposed!

    Did you know that pure water is an insulator? It won’t conduct electricity. Now forget that. When water ingress or any other fluid breaches...
    Sunpower Maxeon 3 Series Review by Solar Review

    SCORE | SunPower Maxeon 3 Series 390 – 400W.

    Score only. The Solar Review Module Assessment Criteria compares the SunPower Maxeon 3 solar panel against the industries best known specifications. The result, a...
    Jinko Cheetah Review by Solar Review

    REVIEW | Jinko Cheetah 60M 315 – 345 W.

    Score only. The Solar Review Module Assessment Criteria compares the Jinko Cheetah and Cheetah HC solar panel against the industries best known specifications. The...
    Risen Solar RSM120 Solar Review

    REVIEW | Risen RSM120 poly 275 / 280 / 285 /...

    Split cell solar panel technologies are becoming all the rage as the industry pushes within solar 3.0 (300W and above). Risen's entry level split...
    Solar Panel Discolouration - Solar Review

    Solar Panel Discolouration (Tier-1) Exposed!

    Visually the solar panels you've invested your hard earned money into now look awful. In fact, by looking at what has occurred in the short...
    21 Reasons to Avoid a Northern Solar Panel Orientation

    21 reasons to choose an East/West solar panel orientation.

    TURBO CHARGE your return on investment in energy savings by innovating your solar panel orientation with an East/ West configuration. If like most people...
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