Tuesday, February 18, 2020


    SOLARWATT Vision 60M High Power Solar Review

    REVIEW | SolarWatt 60M High Power 300 / 305 / 310.

    Made in Germany, the SolarWatt 60M High Power posses an industry leading quality which no other manufacturers solar panels can surpass. It's the one...

    The 10 Best Value Solar Panels of 2018.

    In a whitewash of solar panels available, it’s hard to know which solar panels present the overall best value. After analysing mountains technical specifications...
    Fire - Solar Review

    Solar Panel Fires (Tier-1) Exposed!

    It needs no exaggeration. Solar panel fires are one of the worst issues which can emerge from solar panel defects. Often the result of...
    Jinko Eagle 60P Panel

    SCORE | Jinko Eagle 60P 260 – 280W.

    PRE-RELEASE: The Jinko 60P range has been scored in accordance with the Solar Review Module Assessment Criteria 2.1 and made publicly available for your convenience....
    REC N-Peak Series Solar Module Image

    REVIEW | REC N-Peak 315 / 320 / 325 / 330.

    You've done a fair amount of research into this solar power thing and discovered a considerable price difference between what has been identified as...

    6 Ways to Increase Solar Panel Efficiency.

    Solar panel efficiency will increase the return on your investment, but how to increase the efficiency of your system? Increasing the efficiency of a...
    Jinko Eagle 60M Image

    REVIEW | Jinko Eagle 60M 295 – 315 W.

    In recent history, a 60 cell mono PERC solar panel with up to 19%+ module efficiency would have been the pinnacle in one's quest...
    ET Solar EliTe Mono PERC panel

    SCORE | ET Solar EliTe Mono 290 – 305W.

    PRE RELEASE. Unlike many opinionated reviews, the Solar Review Panel Assessment Criteria compares the ET Solar EliTe Mono against the industries best known specifications. ...
    Risen RSM60 poly- Solar Review

    REVIEW | Risen RSM60 poly 260 / 265 / 270 /...

    Fact is, if you've found yourself researching the Risen RSM60 poly solar panel range, you are shopping at the cheaper end of the solar...
    QCells Q.ANTUM Duo

    REVIEW | QCells Q.Peak Duo-G5 315 – 330W.

    It takes some specialty to become an InterSolar award-winning solar module and in 2018 the QCells Q.Peak Duo-G5 did just that.  Becoming awarded by...
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