Monday, February 17, 2020


    JA Solar Module - Solar Review

    REVIEW | JA Solar JAP60S01 poly 270 / 275 / 280.

    One of the more affordable solar panel options available the JA Solar JAP60S01 poly solar module doesn't appear to be much more than another lacklustre...
    Trina Solar Module Side Panel - Solar Review

    REVIEW | Trina Solar Honey M plus 295 / 300 /...

    Trina Solar's popular mono PERC variant, the Honey M plus presents some interesting qualities for a solar module at the more affordable end of the spectrum....
    Risen Energy - Risen RSM120 Poly Module - Solar Review

    REVIEW | Risen RSM120 poly 275 / 280 / 285 /...

    Split cell solar panel technologies are becoming all the rage as the industry pushes within solar 3.0 (300W and above). Risen's entry level split...
    QCells Q.Peak-G4.1 305W Solar Module - Solar Review

    REVIEW | QCells QPeak G4.1 300 / 305 / 310 (Updated).

    Researching solar panel variations will uncover much hype surrounding "mono PERC" module technologies. As a global leader by volume and a history of innovative...
    Risen RSM60 poly- Solar Review

    REVIEW | Risen RSM60 poly 260 / 265 / 270 /...

    Fact is, if you've found yourself researching the Risen RSM60 poly solar panel range, you are shopping at the cheaper end of the solar...
    Solar Panel Discolouration - Solar Review

    Solar Panel Discolouration (Tier-1) Exposed!

    Visually the solar panels you've invested your hard earned money into now look awful. In fact, by looking at what has occurred in the short...
    Solar Panel Ingress - Solar Review

    Solar Panel Ingress (Tier-1) Exposed!

    Did you know that pure water is an insulator? It won’t conduct electricity. Now forget that. When water ingress or any other fluid breaches...
    Shattering - Solar Review

    Solar Panel Shattering (Tier-1) Exposed!

    Most manufacturer deemed Tier-1 solar panels are not tested under environmental extremities, or lack clear guidelines and installer training as to proper installation methods...
    REC TwinPeak Mono vs LONGi Solar LR6 60HPH Image

    REC TwinPeak 2 Mono vs LONGi LR-60HPH

    REC TwinPeak 2 Mono vs LONGi Solar LR6-60HPH side by side. Comparing solar panel technologies may just be the most difficult aspect when selecting a...
    Fire - Solar Review

    Solar Panel Fires (Tier-1) Exposed!

    It needs no exaggeration. Solar panel fires are one of the worst issues which can emerge from solar panel defects. Often the result of...
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