It takes some specialty to become an InterSolar award-winning solar module and in 2018 the QCells Q.Peak Duo-G5 did just that.  Becoming awarded by the industries highest recognition for innovation above all others is no easy feat. With a multitude of varying factors for taking out the top prize, how does the QCells Q.Peak Duo-G5 compare against the industries best specifications?


Make and model:  QCells Q.Peak Duo-G5.

Variants: 315 / 320 / 325 / 330W.

  Design, Performance.


.At first glance, the QCells Q.Peak Duo-G5 has made high-yielding 19%+ module efficiencies more affordable than ever. On the flip side, alternative leading manufacturers have released similar module designs at an even more affordable price.  Rest assured though, there is a difference and a very big reason why the QCells Q.Peak Duo-G5 claimed the industries top prize in 2018.


Too many solar manufacturers claim German Engineering with potentially one member of staff with a less than convincing German accent or maybe even German postal address (office). What one can be assured with the QCells Q.Peak Duo-G5, it’s design and finished result is without a doubt the result of astute German refinement.

Beyond that of which is noticeable upfront, the QCells Q.Peak Duo-G5 is equipped with some exceptionally reassuring design qualities.

QCells Q.Peak Duo-G5 data sheet >

QCells Duo Solar Module


Q.Peak Duo G5 - Design
  • Monocrystalline.
  • 6-wire bus bar.
  • PERC enhanced.
  • Glass-laminate (White).
  • Innovative.
  • InterSolar award 2018.
  • CEcertified.


Durability wise, the QCells Q.Peak Duo-G5 remains inline with the QCells range. That of which includes the more affordable Q.Power and Q.Plus options. Although apart of the QCells premium Q.Peak range, there appears to be no additional durability guidance. 

If additional resistance ratings surrounding Damp Heat Testing, Thermal Cycle Testing, and Hail Impact were available, then such would be considered more admirable than what is currently listed. However, that of which is publicly available for the online researcher, is in line with IEC standard and the industry norm.

QCells Duo Solar Module


Q.Peak Duo G5 - Durability
  • Snow load 5400Pa.
  • Front wind load 4000Pa.
  • Rear wind load 4000Pa.
  • Damp heat testing 1500Hrs .
  • Thermal cycle testing 400Hrs.
  • PID Free
  • Salt mist resistance certification
    IEC 61701.
  • Amonia resistance certification
    IEC 62716.
  • 7.53 grams hail impact at 23m/s.


Very respectable, but not the best. However, still considerably ahead of the industry monocrystalline average. Where the QCells Q.Peak Duo is likely to gain efficiency recognition though is through its ability to impact the mainstream market through 19%+ efficiencies. 

Couple such module efficiency with a well-regarded temperature coefficient and an excellent power tolerance, the QCells Q.Peak Duo-G5 solar panel is within the top 1% of global module efficiency leaders.

QCells Duo Solar Module


Q.Peak Duo-G5 - Efficiency
  • 19.9% Maximum module efficiency.
  • -0.37%°C Temperature coefficient.
  • 0/4% Power tolerance.


One of the better performance guarantees available especially with an annual degradation at no more than 0.5% over a 24-year period after the first year. Performance could be greatly improved toward the end-users benefit with one simple adjustment. Manufacturer performance assurance could be backed up by a QCells parts and service performance guarantee.  At the time of writing the QCells Q.Peak Duo-G5 is accompanied by a parts only performance guarantee.

QCells Duo Solar Module


Q.Peak Duo-G5 - Performance
  • 2% degradation in the 1st year.
  • 0.5% degradation per annum.
  • 25-year linear performance warranty.
  • Parts only performance warranty.


Much like the manufacturer backing of the performance guarantee, the QCells Q.Peak Duo-G5 supports a parts only product guarantee for up to 12-years. More recently, QCells have launched the Q.Partner and Q.Family programs for added consumer assurance. With additional end-user benefits, such manufacturer inspired quality assurance networks are excellent for any guarantee.

QCells Q.ANTUM Duo Image


Q.Peak Duo-G5 - Guarantee
  • 12-year warranty.
  • Parts only warranty.
  • Authorised installer network with additional end-user benefits.


For an InterSolar Award winning solar panel the affordability of the QCells Q.Peak Duo G-5 ranks as superior for the technology at hand. Especially when similar 19%+ efficiency solar modules are available at a considerably higher price. Good value for when space is limited to achieve maximum overall yeild.

QCells Duo Solar Module


Q.Peak Duo-G5 - Affordability
  • Superior technology score (3.8).
  • Approximately $0.61 per watt USD ex.


Could the QCells Q.Peak Duo-G5 have been the solar panel to shake up the industry leaders? Short answer, yes given its impeccable design. Factors which restrict its ability to be exceptional come from more general criteria formed around the entire QCells range such as Durability, Performance & Guarantee.  Adjusting such for an exclusive premium product would build the case for even greater appeal of which the QCells QPeak Duo-G5 solar panel deserves.


QCells Q.Peak Duo-G5 - Overall
  • Design 4.3
  • Durability 3.6
  • Efficiency 4.0
  • Performance 3.9
  • Guarantee 3.5
  • Technology 3.8
  • Affordability 3.9

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