Solar panel selection is one of the more daunting buying decisions you’re going to have to consider. Then, make your selection process a little easier! If you’re in the market for a highly-regarded solar module range offering good overall value, consider QCells solar panels.

Manufacturer:  Hanwha QCells.

Series: Q.Peak, Q.MAXX.

Variants: Monocrystalline.

Note: This post is currently being updated to SRC2.5 2021. Estimated update completion: 12th March 2021

*Commercial 144-cell+ and multicrystalline solar panels exempt.


Navigating the QCells range for the novice can be a little confusing, so here’s the low down. All models start with the letter Q (Q.Peak, Q.MAXX, Q.Power etc.). 

Despite all the Q’s you’re about to be introduced too, here’s how to simplify your exposure to the QCells solar panel range. 

If it’s a highly regarded solar module with affordability at the forefront of your buying decision, consider the Q.MAXX.

However, If you require maximised power output, the premium Q.Peak and monocrystalline range provide the modern efficiencies desired by many with extended warranty options.

No matter your preference, the QCells solar panels available in 2021 stem from innovative designs which have claimed industry honours over the last decade.


The Q.MAXX is almost the same solar module as the Q.Peak Duo-G6. However, the Q.MAXX expands on the six wire busbar format of the Q.Peak Duo-G6, doubling the busbar technology to 12. 

Aside from a minimal efficiency increase, the QCells Q.MAXX solar panel range is near identical, lacking that of the extended product warranty period of the QCells Q.Peak Duo G6+ and an alternative manufacturing origin. 

Model Qualities Qualities Rank Detail
345 - 360
120 half-cell, max efficiency 20.4%
375 - 395
Zero-gap 132 half-cell, max efficiency 20.8%

QCells Q.MAXX Solar panels are only available in selected global locations. Overall score at the bottom of this post.


Q.Peak QCells solar panels are QCells South Koren built solar panels. Comprising a premium finish and an extended 25-year product warranty (Plus range) there is much to admire about the diverse module options available in the QCells Q.Peak range.

Model Watts Qualities Rank Detail
Q.Peak Duo-G5
120 half-cell, InterSolar Award winner 2018, max efficiency 19.9%
Q.Peak Duo-G6+
120 half-cell, extended warranty, max efficiency 19.8%
Q.Peak Duo-G7
120 half-cell, max efficiency 19.9%
Q.Peak Duo-G8+
120 half-cell, extended warranty, max efficiency 20.1%
Q.Peak Duo ML-G9+
132 half-cell Zero-Gap, extended warranty in selected regions, max efficiency 20.8%

Overall score at the bottom of this post.

QCells Q.ANTUM Duo Image


What is noticeable among all QCells solar panels, no matter the model, is a unique premium feel/ finish, which can’t be gauged by specifications. Increasing the overall product warranty in selected premium models will assist the justification of this, though. 

Confusion for many end-users potentially exists between models as the differences in design and efficiency are all very similar, except when it comes to the new G9 range. Each serves an advantageous purpose though given the scenario and local professional insight should never be discounted to assist in deciding on the ideal solution.

Overall, QCells offer a SUPERIOR solar module range in 2021, and unlike 2020 QCells solar panels now enter the 20%+ module efficiency domain with its proprietory Q.ANTUM cell technology.


Solar Panels Overall; SUPERIOR
  • Q.MAXX-G2 - 3.8
  • Q.MAXX-G3 - 3.8
  • Q.PEAK DUO-G5 - 3.9
  • Q.PEAK DUO-G6+ - 3.9
  • Q.PEAK DUO-G7 - 3.8
  • Q.PEAK DUO-G8+ - 3.9
  • Q.PEAK DUO ML-G9+ - 3.9



How was the score for the QCells range of solar panels calculated? By using the Solar Review Module Assessment Criteria V2.5 >

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