It takes some specialty to become an InterSolar award-winning solar module and in 2018 QCells did just that. Becoming awarded by the industries highest recognition for innovation above all others is no easy feat. With a multitude of varying factors for taking out the top prize, how does the QCells compare against the industries best specifications?

.Manufacturers:  QCells Solar.

Series: Q.Peak, Q.Power.

Variants: Multicrystalline, monocrystalline.

Could QCells have a solar panel to shake up the industry leaders? Short answer, yes given its impeccable design. Factors which restrict its ability to be exceptional come from more general criteria formed around the entire QCells range such as Durability, Performance & Guarantee.  Adjusting such for an exclusive premium product would build the case for even greater appeal of which the QCells solar panel deserves.

Q.ANTUM technology.

At first glance, the QCells Q.Peak has made high-yielding 19%+ module efficiencies more affordable than ever. On the flip side, alternative leading manufacturers have released similar module designs at an even more affordable price.  Rest assured though, there is a difference and a very big reason why the QCells Q.Peak claimed the industries top prize in 2018.


Model Qualities Rank Detail
QCells Q.Peak DUO
315-330W, white back sheet, mono split cell
4.1 Very Good
QCells Q.Peak-G4.1
290-310W, white back sheet, mono PERC
3.8 Very Good

Overall score at the bottom of this post.


A range compiled only of what is considered elite solar module options is going to force many end-users looking to purchase solar to consider alternative options.

The value of assurance can sometimes be priceless. Much confidence can be had with such a refined solar module range manufactured by a global electronics mega-corporation which is the QCells. Broadly, the QCells Solar panel range is one of the most refined available in 2020.

Polycrystalline cells.

Q.POWER-G5 is the result of the continued evolution of our polycrystalline solar modules. Thanks to improved power yield, excellent reliability and high-level operational safety, the new Q.POWER-G5 generates electricity at a low cost (LCOE) and is suitable for a wide range of applications.


Model Qualities Rank Detail
QCells Q.Power G5
260 - 280W, white back sheet, polycrystalline
3.4 Good

Overall score at the bottom of this post.


How was the score for the QCells solar panels range of solar panels calculated? By utilising the Solar Review Module Assessment Criteria V2.3 >


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