PRE RELEASE. Unlike many opinionated reviews, the Solar Review Battery Assessment Criteria compares the SENEC.Home against the industries best known specifications.  The result, a solar battery review with no room for discretionary bias and the transparency you desire.  


Make and model:  SENEC SENEC.Home.

Variants:  10 kWh.

  Efficiency, Guarantee.


GREATER THAN 3.3 IS A VERY GOOD SCORE. The following content for the SENEC.Home should be used as a guide only. Individual circumstances and compatibilities should always be taken into account when selecting the right solar battery for any given installation. This content has been built using the Solar Review Battery Assessment Criteria 1.0 based on available product specifications at the time of writing. 


Design is what defines a particular solar batteries versatility, base chemical makeup, and verification of defined parameters to assist greater value through innovation and advancement. 

SENEC.Home data sheet >

SENEC.Home Solar Battery Storage Image


SENEC.Home - Design
  • LMCO (Lithium Manganese Cobalt Oxide)
  • AC Coupled.
  • On Grid/ On Grid & Backup/ Backup.
  • Inbuilt Inverter.
  • Up to 4 scalability.
  • German Excellence Award 2019.
  • Certification not listed.
  • IP 30 (indoor).


It’s great to have the ability to store excess generated solar energy. However, just how much of your energy is lost during the energy storage to usage process? Get to know a solar batteries round-trip efficiency.  

SENEC.Home Solar Battery Storage Image


SENEC.Home - Efficiency
  • 95% round-trip efficiency.


Performance in more ways than efficiency alone. How does a solar battery perform within its intended environment and in adverse conditions? The key specifications not often at first thought.

SENEC.Home Solar Battery Storage Image


SENEC.Home - Performance
  • Min temperature range of 0°C (32°F).
  • Max temperature range of +40°C (+104°F).
  • Weight per kWh: 15.5 kg (34.2 lb).
  • Depth of Discharge 100%.
  • Operating humidity 85%
  • Max altitude not listed.


As guarantee obligations can often be shielded by installer incompetence, should a solar panel manufacturer define an adequately trained installer network with a complimentary warranty extension (added end-user benefit), such guarantee has been considered as a base warranty more likely of adhering manufacturer installation specifications.

Important: A manufacturers obligations under guarantee will be obsolete if the solar battery is not installed to manufacturer specifications. Use an authorised installer.

SENEC.Home Solar Battery Storage Image


SENEC.Home - Guarantee
  • 10-year warranty.
  • Parts & service warranty.
  • 12,000 cycles.
  • Authorised installer network with no additional end-user benefits.


All well and good having the greatest technology, but what if that technology is simply out of reach for most? Adversely, the cheapest product may lack essential capabilities expected by many end-users. Put price into perspective. Affordability is where price and technology come together to help determine value. 

SENEC.Home Solar Battery Storage Image


SENEC.Home - Affordability
  • Very good technology score (3.7).
  • Approximately $1250 per kWh USD ex.


The below overall assessment for the SENEC.Home solar battery is broken up into two final scores.

  • Overall technology ranking; the average of design, efficiency, performance and guarantee (for those less concerned about price).
  • Overall ranking; the average of design, efficiency, performance, guarantee and affordability. 


SENEC.Home - Overall
  • Design 2.8
  • Efficiency 4.5
  • Performance 2.7
  • Guarantee 4.6
  • Technology 3.7
  • Affordability 2.3

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  1. Hi! I live in rural WA and rely on solar + batteries and generator back-up. The batteries are now 10 years old and will soon need replacing. The battery pack is 6 x 4 volt Exide energy store 1340 A/hr wet lead-acid cells and the inverters etc are SMA. Is SENEC a suitable alternative for the batteries? Much appreciate any advice you can provide. Cheers…..Jack

    • Suitability more often than not depends on the loads which will require supply from the SENEC battery system. Keep in mind, that the SENEC like many modern AC Coupled battery systems are primarily designed to be a grid-tied battery with a back-up mode in the event of a grid failure. If the purpose is off-grid, this may not be the best option. The people at SENEC are very technically astute and could provide some detailed guidance as to what you could and couldn’t do. It appears as though there is a local SENEC office in your region. Definitely worth a call.

  2. Bekomme die nächsten Tage meine Solar Anlage installiert. Mit einer 10 kW Batterie. Wie funktioniert die Fernabfrage über mein Smartphone?
    Danke für die schnelle Antwort.
    Max Waldherr


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