From January 2019 SMA will cease what portions of their operation is currently considered to be made in China. Three mainstream inverter models are currently assembled in China with predominantly German components. Those models of which are listed below will now be assembled entirely from the German manufacturing location along with the remaining SMA inverter range.


The news comes as SMA sell its majority stake in Zeversolar for an approximate 40 million Euros. A figure set to strengthen SMA’s position in 2019 as an internationally renowned leading market player. The aim is to better utilise the available production capacity within the German manufacturing plant and consolidate operations. The inverter models which will be affected by the shift are of the single-phase small-scale technologies:

Exceptional value in the short-term to be had. The current stock will be sold at almost below cost to make way for the new German assembled units which will be almost identical. All circuitry within the 2018 models has always been “made in Germany” and the assembly process from the China plant is fully automated as with any German construction. The same automated process will simply be assembling the units from Germany as opposed to China. The notable difference will be minimal where as a sticker stating Made in Germany will now exist. SMA will guarantee the units equally as all are constructed to SMA’s German Quality Standard. Expect a mild increase in price.

Potentially a good time to get your hands on a one of the better inverter technologies by specification available at a short-term reduced price.

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