Whether we like it or not, all inverters are moving towards an LED only signalling system and away from graphic display’s all together, why? LCD graphic displays are often the first point of failure in any inverter. SMA was merely ahead of the game. The issue which arises for every end-user though is the learning of the SMA inverter lights and what exactly they are trying to tell us.

No more graphic display seems somewhat frustrating for trying to interpret what your new model SMA inverter is trying to tell you. Simple solution, don’t let it frustrate you. Below are the official answers you seek towards understanding your SMA inverter lights and what the meanings are behind the LED functions.

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In a sea full of over-complicated devices, one must appreciate simplicity in technology. It indeed is beautiful when a list such as this no longer needs to be over exhaustive. Below are your SMA inverter lights defined:

Green LED

Explanation: Waiting for connection conditions. Essentially, the conditions for operation have not been met. As soon as the conditions are met, the inverter will start operating as normal.

Solution 1: If normal operating conditions exist, (e.g., middle of a sunny day), try checking to see if any isolating switches are in the off position. Return them to the on position if safe to do so.

Solution 2: Wait to see if the issue clears itself within 24-hours. If the issue persists, contact your installer for assistance.

Explanation: Update of central processing unit.

The central processing unit of the inverter is being updated.

Explanation: Feed-in operation.

The inverter feeds in with a power of at least 90%.

Explanation: Feed-in operation.

The inverter is equipped with a dynamic power display via the green LED. Depending on the power, the green LED pulses fast or slow. If necessary, you can switch off the dynamic power display via the green LED.

Explanation: The inverter is not feeding into the utility grid.


Explanation: Event occurred.

If an event occurs, a distinct event message and the corresponding event number will be displayed in addition on the inverter user interface or in the communication product.

Blue LED

Explanation: Communication connection is being established.

The inverter is establishing a connection to a local network
or is establishing a direct connection to an end device via Ethernet (e.g. computer, tablet PC or smartphone).

Explanation: WPS active.

The WPS function is active.

Explanation: Communication active.

There is an active connection with a local network or there is a direct connection with an end device via Ethernet (e.g. computer, tablet PC or smartphone).

Based on your feedback, signalling resolution options can be populated within each status. So don’t forget to leave your feedback on what your SMA inverter lights are presenting for some expert Solar Review insight and help build a better knowledge base for all. 

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  1. Have 2017 Sunny Boy 7.0US. No LED lights display at all. However system is feeding into grid at normal levels as my meter is running backwards. Knuckle rapped on enclosure on 5 degree bright sunny day to better see output, it just went blank?
    Waited, knocked on it few more times, no change. But system appears to function fine? Help

    • The sequence of what is flashing is worth paying attention to get a better idea of what is happening. Try logging in to the SMA Sunny Portal and looking in the PV System Logbook tab for further guidance as to what has occurred as it will be logged.

  2. I have installed 4 nos. SMA Core1 50kW inverters. 1 of them has some issue on the Green LED. It sometimes stops to light or flash the Green LED and upon checking the webUI, it says “ZERO” production. However, upon checking the AC cables (still connected to the main distribution board with breaker in “ON” position) using clamp type tester, there’s current flowing (around 40A) each phase. It means, the inverter is working but not recording the kWh production. Does anyone have idea how to fix this?


  3. My sunny boy SMA spends a lot of time on red led or red and green flashing , asked my installer and he said he didn’t know what was wrong

  4. My SMA 2.5 doesn’t start. I’ve installed it in 2017 and had no problem until know in 2020. No green light at all, no red light at all, just blue light on and no feeding into the grid. Can anyone help me out? Thanks


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