They told you, with a 3-phase power supply your inverter selection options are limited. “They” could not have been more correct. The old SMA Sunny Tripower had a respectable history as a reliable solar inverter. However, as technology evolved so did its appeal toward both installer and end user alike. As of 2018 a new generation of Sunny TriPower AV-40 inverter is built to thrust SMA back as the residential homeowner 3-phase inverter of choice. The question mark, has SMA done enough?>

.Make and model:  SMA Sunny Tripower AV-40.

Variants:  3 / 4 / 5 / 6 kW.

  Broad features, Software (ennexOS).

  Extreme temperature operating windows.

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This was always going to be a tough ask for SMA. Exceed expectation with improved features, and refine overall design through superior engineering to ensure a 3-phase reliable solar inverter. 


Following in the footsteps of the SMA Sunny Boy new design, the SMA Sunny Tripower AV-40 has adopted the same new minimalist square shape, although retaining the distinctive Sunny Tripower blue colour casing. Adopted is the multifunctional LED signalling system and gone is the graphic display eliminating the first point of failure often experienced through past versions.

Beyond the refined super lightweight package, much awaited additional features have been integrated into the new SMA Sunny Tripower AV-40 design. The most notable being that of advanced communication such as a WiFi internet accessibility and ease of SMA/Tigo optimiser integration. The most exciting element of that being the new SMA/Tigo simplified integration. 


Sunny Tripower AV-40 Design; SUPERIOR
  • AC and DC Coupled battery compatibility with selected battery technologies.
  • New Release.
  • Fanless.
  • No awards listed.
  • TÜV Reihnland certified.
  • Inspiring.
  • IP 65.


As the heart of your new self sufficient power supply, the features of an inverter define the opportunity for diverse interaction, variable installation design methods and defined asset management opportunities.


Sunny Tripower AV-40 Features; OUTSTANDING
  • 2+ MPPTS.
  • Multifunction LED & local app connectivity (no internet required).
  • WiFi & Ethernet inbuilt.
  • Manufacturer supplied module-level optimisation options.
  • Manufacturer supplied module-level rapid shutdown options.
  • Manufacturer supplied expanded monitoring options.
  • Nominated shadow management protocol onboard.
  • Installer remote access support is rated at - Operation parameter adjustments.


As with any inverter SMA manufactured one would expect above average performance and the new SMA Sunny Tripower AV-40 is no exception. Although not ground breaking, an excellent European efficiency of up to 97.6% (6.0 model) ensures the performance those have come to expect from SMA. Considering alternative 3-phase options available and beyond manufacturer produced data sheet ratings, one can be assured the SMA Sunny Tripower AV-40 offers superior 3-phase performance as a subject of rigorous German quality standard.

A wide operating temperature range of -25oC to +60oC (-13oF to +140oF), and 100% humidity remains a big positive. Noise emission is passable at 30dB(A) for those sensitive to acute noise emission. The greatest performance improvement must be noted as the overall weight reduction. The weight has been reduced dramatically in the new SMA Sunny Tripower AV-40 design down to a mere 17 kg (37.4 lb). Ideal for load sensitive applications.


Sunny Tripower AV-40 Performance; ELITE
  • 97.6% European efficiency.
  • Temperature range of -25°C (-13°F).
  • Temperature range of +60°C (140°F).
  • Temperature derating of 50°C (122°F).
  • Weighs 17kg (37lbs).
  • Noise emission of 30 dB (A).


Manufacturer guarantees are interesting when selecting an inverter technology. More commonly is a complimentary extension to base guarantee options in recent years. As guarantee obligations can often be shielded by installer incompetence, should a manufacturer define an adequately trained installer network with a complimentary warranty extension (added end-user benefit), such guarantee has been considered as a base warranty more likely of adhering manufacturer installation specifications.

Important: A manufacturers obligations under guarantee will be obsolete if the inverter is not installed to manufacturer specifications. Use an authorised installer.


Sunny Tripower AV-40 Guarantee; GOOD
  • 10-year parts warranty.
  • 5-year service warranty.
  • Authorised installer network with additional end-user benefits.


In a modern world, software is how you interact with your self generated power supply. More than just a monitoring portal, inverter software is evolving to become the entire energy management protocol as the new standard. 


Sunny Tripower AV-40 Software; OUTSTANDING
  • ennexOS (2019)
  • iOS & Android app.
  • Alerts , fault diagnosis & Energy Management.


SMA have delivered an exciting 3-phase option to the market in the new SMA Sunny Tripower AV-40. In a minimalist package features are in abundance and in a sense it could be over critical to expect more. A very good improvement on it’s predecessor, the new SMA Sunny Tripower AV-40 remains a quality built 3-phase solar inverter option with compatibility to the extensive SMA range of expandable options. 


Sunny Tripower AV-40 Overall; ELITE
  • Design 4.1
  • Features 4.8
  • Performance 4.3
  • Guarantee 4.2
  • Software 4.8


*AVG references industry average specifications.


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