Official Announcement; Solar Review to cease producing analytical content. 

International platform Solar Analytica has acquired the Solar Review scoring algorithm. From January 2022, Solar Analytica shall re-launch a modified more transparent module, inverter and battery scoring criteria on its platform in a bid to host the world’s most accessible database for self-sufficient power supply product comparisons.

Investors behind Solar Analytica are committed to deliver and evolve a centralised comparative product data platform to assist users towards a more informed buying decision. Subscribers can access essential free content or affordable paywall content for those seeking advanced product comparisons.

Through introducing in-depth paywall content, the Solar Analytica platform is able to run faster, with predominantly advertisement-free content.

As part of the deal, Solar Analytica has acquired three core assets. The Solar Review scoring algorithm, social media channels and subscriber base with a commitment to ensure the contents remain non-biased 3rd party verified.

Further details can be found on the Solar Analytica platform


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