TURBO CHARGE your return on investment in energy savings by innovating your solar panel orientation with an East/ West configuration. If like most people around the world, a feed in tariff is virtually obsolete, higher quantities of power production will not benefit your scenario unless the units (kWhs) are storable or usable.


Solar power generation in any situation is a great thing – marvellous technology guaranteed to produce energy as long as the sun shines. However, what if you are not home or available to consume the electricity? Solar batteries are the perfect solution to this situation. Fact is, a majority of households and businesses operate solar without an energy storage solution. The most important question then arises.

QUESTION: How will a solar energy system save you the most amount of money?

ANSWER: When the solar panel orientation is designed specifically to meet your major consumption habits within sunlight hours.

East and West Solar Panel Orientation Solar Review

If you ignore the possibility of a solar tracker, in the past it was considered a solar panel orientation on an aspect angled toward the equator was the best location for a solar energy system. Still, an exceptional orientation if the majority of your energy consumption occurs between 10 am and 2 pm daily. However, if your situation is working between 9 am – 5 pm, an East and West facing solar panel orientation may save you more money while producing slightly less energy as a whole.

The aim is to ensure you consume as much solar energy production through your day to day habits. Therefore here are 21 reasons to choose and East/West solar panel orientation:


  1. Because the coffee machine gets a full workout most mornings.
  2. What’s coffee without toast. Toasters are super energy hungry.
  3. Early birds catch the worm as they say, cease the day and return for rest.
  4. In winter the heater is a mandatory appliance at first light.
  5. Two words – Hair Straightener.
  6. The school run is horrible and the last thing anyone wants to do is return home to a mess in the middle of the day, stay out, have lunch with friends.
  7. You love to put the air conditioner on at 18 degrees in the middle of summer from 1 pm until sun down.
  8. Kids come home at 3 pm most days and don’t understand energy conservation.
  9. If your house has a northern or southern street face the solar panels are on the side of the house.
  10. People are jealous of other people with lower energy bills from solar.
  11. More power is consumed in most common households from the afternoon and evening as opposed any other times of the day – factual information!
  12. Kids often watch TV early morning and late afternoon.
  13. Got older kids? Then include the Playstation/XBOX with that TV.
  14. Pools are more often utilised from 3 pm to 6 pm – Turn the heater and pump on from 1 pm.
  15. Cooking a roast takes time and electric energy, that chook is usually in the oven anywhere from 2-6pm.
  16. Cooking breakfast on the weekends is even better when the energy is 100% free from the sun.
  17. A cup of tea for many is enjoyed most mornings.
  18. Rarely do celebrations occur from 10-2pm, most weekend events start from 2pm.
  19. If you operate a garden bore pump, you water the garden in either the morning or afternoon.
  20. The fridge almost has a revolving door in the afternoon – working overtime.
  21. In summer the sun rises from 5am and sets at 7pm. maximise your investment!


  1. Your goal is to oversize the solar inverter as much as possible due to grid limitations.
  2. East/West solar panel orientations generate a broader power production window.
  3. The useable kWh is the aim of the game, forget peak power.

The above 1-21 is a light-hearted observation of an average 9-5 working family. Early morning and evenings are active times in such households. East and West facing solar panels ensure an optimised solar panel orientation for these peak times, therefore maximising the ability to convert more energy from the available light.

Don’t worry, an East and West facing solar panel orientation still works brilliantly throughout that 10-2 period in case you need to operate a pool pump or other cyclical appliance. It simply facilitates one particular (and very common) circumstance, to save more money when it comes to the electricity bill.



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