In the beginning, you simply thought going solar would be a good idea. Now you’ve discovered a range of solar technology options which go beyond confusing for someone who simply wants a good reliable system. If you’ve found this post, no doubt SolarEdge has been mentioned as an admirable choice for selection with some very unique qualities. With solar systems now designed as individual as oneself, will a SolarEdge HD Wave infused solar energy system be better for your requirements?

.Make and model:  SolarEdge HD Wave.

Variants: 2.5 / 3.0 / 4.0 / 4.6 / 5.0 / 6.0 / 8.0 / 10 kW.

  Warranty, Software, Efficiency.

  Sub-zero temperature range.

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Short answer, yes. Although, it may not suit everyone. From an industry professionals discretionary point of view, there is a lot to like about the SolarEdge HD Wave package as a whole over more simplified inverter systems. However, what is to like in general and on face value may not necessarily be ideal for one’s individual circumstances.


The introduction of the Solaredge HD Wave inverter range brought forward a new dimension of string inverter technology when introduced. Although, very basic in its original format versatility is achieved through variously available add-ons and where the overall inspiring design is assessed.

Slightly outdated in appearance, the award-winning indoor/ outdoor IP65 build with fanless cooling presents options for diverse mounting locations. Most interestingly, each SolarEdge HD Wave inverter is DC coupled LG Chem RESUHV battery ready with the minor inclusion of the SolarEdge StorEdge interface. A simple add-on which falls short of an emergency power supply function.


HD-Wave Design; ELITE
  • AC and DC Coupled battery compatibility with selected battery
  • Internal/ external redesign old shape.
  • Fanless cooling.
  • InterSolar Award 2016 (HD-Wave) & InterSolar Award 2012 (optimiser technology).
  • TÜV Reihnland certified.
  • Inspiring design.
  • IP 65.


Don’t be fooled by the SolarEdge HD Wave range possessing a singular DC input. The mandatory requirement for optimiser technology acts as a virtual MPPT at each solar panel and ensures the high-end benefits of module-level optimisation and rapid shutdown (if required). Also, expanded system monitoring capabilities are available to the end-user aided through ethernet, WiFi (optional) or 4G (optional) internet connectivity. Rounding off the prominent features is the inclusion of an inbuilt DC isolator switch.

Notably lacking appeal is the inclusion of an outdated liquid crystal display. That of which appears to be on the way out from 2019 with the preferred multifunction LED interface on the way in if recent trade show appearances are anything to go by. Advanced installer support features and operational parameter settings appear to be growing with time and expectation.


HD-Wave Features - OUTSTANDING
  • 2+ MPPT.*
  • Modern LED & Local App connectivity.
  • WiFi & Ethernet (plus 4G optional).
  • Inbuilt DC isolator (selected regions).
  • Manufacturer supplied module-level optimisation.
  • Manufacturer supplied module-level rapid shutdown.
  • Manufacturer supplied expanded monitoring.
  • Mandatory optimisation shadow management.
  • Remote access operational parameter adjustments.
*Module-level optimisation varies the the MPPT quantity.
SolarEdge 60M Smart Module


European weighted efficiency reigns supreme at an unmatched 98.8%. Slightly lacking in temperature diverse temperature performance, minus operating temperatures are rated at no more than -20oC. On a better note, positive temperature parameters are close to the best at +60oC (-4oF to +140oF). 

Thanks to the incorporation of the module-level optimisation technology, weight is severely reduced in the SolarEdge HD Wave central inverter unit itself. Classified as one of the more lighter inverter technologies available the weight is no more than 15 kG (33 lb). Virtually obsolete, maximum noise emission shall not exceed 25 dB(A).


HD-Wave Performance - ELITE
  • 98.8% European weighted efficiency.
  • Temperature range -20°C (-4°F).
  • Temperature range +60°C (140°F).
  • Temperature derating 50°C (122°F).
  • Weight 15 kg (33.4lbs).
  • Noise emission <25 dB (A).
SolarEdge HD Wave Inverter


One of the best available, falling just shy in one crucial criteria. The 12-years parts and service warranty is simply outstanding. What lets such a leading warranty down though is the no additional benefits for using a SolarEdge approved installation partner. 

A result opening the availability of installation for such a technical product to almost anyone and therefore reducing the chance of warranty being upheld by SolarEdge in the event of a product failure. The one negative aside the SolarEdge guarantee is highly respectable if installed correctly.


HD-Wave Guarantee - ELITE
  • 12-year parts warranty.
  • 12-year service warranty.
  • Authorised installer network with NO additional end-user
SolarEdge HD Wave Inverter


SolarEdge Monitoring Portal is one of the more feature-rich energy management platforms available. An insightful and clean user-experience ensures the appeal for greater interaction.


HD-Wave Software; ELITE
  • SolarEdge Monitoring Portal.
  • Module-level monitoring.
  • Energy consumption monitoring (optional).
  • Battery charge & discharge monitoring (optional)..
  • iOS & Android app.
  • Alerts & fault diagnosis.


Similar to alternative high-end, inverter technologies with mandatory optimisation, the SolarEdge HD Wave package offers a lot more than simple DC to AC energy conversion. 

An alternative choice in the energy management solution, SolarEdge is pushing towards an entire one manufacturer solution in self-generated power supplies. Potentially a more distinct advantage is the DC coupled electrical design for battery integration over alternative optimised solutions available.

One of the best string inverter technologies available.


HD-Wave Overall - ELITE
  • Design 4.4
  • Features 5.0
  • Performance 4.3
  • Guarantee 4.5
  • Software 4.5


*AVG references industry average specifications.


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  1. solar edge is currently unable to supply monitoring software so thousands of customers are unable to tell if their system is working! I have had my 10 KW system for over a month and they have repeatedly stalled, delayed and finally admitted they don’t know when they will be able to supply monitoring equipment hardware as it is a separate install their cell phone monitoring does./ did not work and now, the wifi is not ready and it could be many months ! do not trust them ! they are scamming consumers! selling inverters that cannot be monitored! they have repeatedly lied to me! they are Israelis that behave like nazis!

  2. NOTE ! they DO NOT sell the inverter pictured anymore as the built-in monitor screen was defective and frequently died ! now you need to buy and fit a separate software/ hardware system and it also failed and needs to be re-built and re-designed ! they DO NOT tell you this when they sell you the inverter ! they are deceiving and cheating thousands of customers! selling defective parts and lying about when they will replace them and ship out the good replacements ! beware ! consumer rip off !

  3. My SolarEdge HD model failed yesterday after 6 weeks. It created a power surge in my home then it stopped working. Now I wait 2-3 weeks for my installer to get a new unit. Not happy with this.

  4. I have eight of these invertors on a 200kw system. I have replace four and now the fifth one has gone out in less than two years. Replacement is now one without a picture. All I know is power bill is increasing and payment from the electric company is decreaseing. It takes may weeks to get a replacement on waranity. I believe some legal action is warranted!

  5. SolarEdge does beta testing on the public! they design poorly, rush unproven designs to, market w/ out adequate testing. it cost s us thousands of $ They do not care they do nor recompense us AT ALL for the MONTH it took to replace the bad inverter! They use archaic system of a distributor in the middle which increases cost markedly and delays customers receiving products. They should sell and ship directly! SolarEdge sells to unethical solar dealers who promise the moon and yet when there is an issue they do NOTHING! SolarEdge is an unethical company it is indeed hard to believe solar edge is an Israeli company! they behave like nazis!

  6. I just bought a house that had a system installed Oct 31, 2017. It failed the day before the heat wave hit a month ago in California. Took a month to get replacement and I’m told it will work tomorrow? This is a POS inverter if i’ve ever seen one.


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