Polarising by a unique design common amongst all models within its range, the SolarEdge solar inverter suite is often loved or loathed amongst installers. Beyond personal opinion though, why not compare the SolarEdge inverter range from a perspective which assesses the best known commercially available inverter specifications?

.Manufacturer:  SolarEdge.

Series:  HD-Wave, Three-phase, StorEdge.

Variants:  Single-phase, Three-phase, Storage

*Commercial & off-grid inverters exempt.

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It’s interesting to listen to individual perspectives from industry professionals when making an expensive buying decision. As respected as many views are, it’s important to remember, most perspectives become clouded by the products aligned with selling criteria.

Therefore, why not explore the SolarEdge solar inverters range by models relevant to your requirements and against the industries best known certified specifications? Press the mute button on all the noise and discover whether SolarEdge is the ideal inverter technology for your particular installation.


High definition solar output is how SolarEdge describes the HD-Wave range and the truth is it isn’t far off thanks to an industry-leading weighted efficiency of 99%. Beyond such an elite efficiency rating, it’s hard to ignore a comprehensive feature suite which includes the ability to DC couple selected batteries within the design via an added communication box.

Model Qualities Rank Detail
2.5 - 6kW, WiFi connectivity, module-level optimistaion standard.
4.5 elite

In what can be considered an aspiring energy management solution, it’s worth remembering that even with battery connectivity options, the SolarEdge HD-Wave inverter does not provide backup power in the event of a power failure.



Not quite the same machine (by specification) as its InterSolar award-winning single-phase counterpart, the SolarEdge three-phase still provides a worthy solution for three-phase power supplies. End-users can take comfort though in enjoying a similar feature-rich experience in a high-performance three-phase unit.

Model Qualities Rank Detail
5 - 10 kW, max effc up to 50ºC, WiFi connectivity, module-level optimisation.
4.3 elite

Unfortunately, the SolarEdge Three-Phase models can’t DC Couple with selected batteries the same way the SolarEdge HD-Wave can. Battery compatibility can be attained via AC Coupling only.



As with most things, when you put something extra in you’ve got to take a little out. The SolarEdge StorEdge is built for end-users with a considerable requirement for single-phase Emergency Power Supply functionality. 

Model Qualities Rank Detail
3-6 kW, HV battery input, Back up, WiFi connectivity, module-level optimisation.
4.3 elite

As a dedicated hybrid solar and battery inverter, the SolarEdge StorEdge lacks the elite high-performance specifications of the HD-Wave. However, if a priority is for EPS functionality, high-performance will often always be a secondary consideration.


SolarEdge solar inverters provide some distinct all-round advantages which almost all end-users should consider as part of their buying decision.

Through providing a refined system and advanced energy monitoring options, the primary purpose most people seek when acquiring grid-tie solar becomes more attainable—the ability to reduce power bills.

Ensuring consisting internet connectivity SolarEdge solar inverters provide an all-round ELITE grid-tie solar solution in one of the most feature-rich platforms available.


Solar Inverters Overall; ELITE
  • HD-Wave -4.5
  • Three-Phase - 4.3
  • StorEdge - 4.3


*AVG references industry average specifications.

[ 4.8 - 5 ] The pinnacle of certified specification.
[ 4.3 - 4.7 ] A rare calibre of technology produced by the industry elite.
[ 3.8 - 4.2 ] Specifications which are exceedingly superior to that of the industry average.
Very Good
[ 3.3 - 3.7 ] Advanced technology against the industry average.
[ 2.8 - 3.2 ] Better than the industry average is that of which strives a portion better.
[ 2.3 - 2.7 ] A score within this bracket is considered the industry average specification.
[ 1.8 - 2.2 ] Considered below the industry mainstream average.
[ 1.3 - 1.7 ] There's better, there's also worse.
[ 0.8 - 1.2 ] Far below the modern industry average.
[ 0.3 - 0.7 ] Possesses specifications which are absent or unverified by a certified testing institute.
[ 0 - 0.2 ] Unlikely for technology manufactured in the modern era.


How was the score for the SolarEdge range of solar inverters calculated? By using the Solar Review Inverter Assessment Criteria V2.4 >

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