Industry innovator of shingle-cell solar technology, Solaria solar panels in 2020 take the form of a single product line. The Solaria PowerXT range. With such a minimal product portfolio, is Solaria able to provide the ideal solar panel solution for your energy needs?

.Manufacturer:  Solaria Solar

Series: PowerXT

Variants:  Monocrystalline

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Despite mentioning a single product line, it’s evident two Solaria options exist. The Solaria PowerXT and PowerXT AC solar module. With no difference in the physical DC module specifications, both are an offering of the same module design.

Partnering with Enphase, the Solaria PowerXT AC solar module provides an integrated solution for end-users with a high priority for microinverter technology.

For all other inverter technology, the simplified Solaria PowerXT solar module provides the ideal solution. Aside from energy output, all fundamental specifications are the same.

Note; Residential 60-cell (or equivalent) solar panels considered only.

Mono options.

Forget aging polycrystalline cell structures, the Solaria PowerXT aims to appeal to the market where high-quality and aesthetic appeal is a priority. Built for a clear market niche Solaria solar panels present a distinct advantage with no visible circuitry and a one colour finish in an advanced shingle design.

Model Qualities Rank Detail
365W, Black back sheet, shingled-cells, max efficiency 20.05%
4.3 elite

Overall score at the bottom of this post. 

Despite the distinct visual appearances, features to seal the deal for many end-users in such an investment is the comprehensive long-term warranty and high calibre efficiency embedded within all Solaria solar panels.

Solaria PowerXT Image by Solar Review


With a limited ELITE product range, Solaria will never be the largest manufacturer of solar panels internationally. What end-users should expect from this U.S. headquartered manufacturer is a level of refinement unmatched by many in the overall product offering for a guaranteed long-term advantage.

Solaria solar panels provide a solution where many solar module manufacturers fall short, uncompromising aesthetic appeal combined with ultra-high performance.


Solar Panels Overall; Elite
  • PowerXT - 4.3


*AVG references industry average specifications.


How was the score for the Solaria Solar range of solar panels calculated? By using the Solar Review Module Assessment Criteria V2.5 >

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