Made in Germany, basic technology beefed up. All of a sudden a glass-glass encapsulate evolved a boring cell design and made a resulting solar panel which would ensure any astute investor looks twice. With some interesting characteristics, throw efficiency out the door and welcome a new contender for your hard earned money.


Make and model:  SolarWatt Vision 60P.

Variants: 270 | 275 | 280 | 285 | 290.

Good: Glass-glass design, 30-yr warranty.

Not so good: 4-busbar design, Temperature coefficient.

True, there is no record-breaking efficiency. True, polycrystalline cell designs are exceptionally uninspiring. However, what if there was a tried and proven basic cell design taken to the next level (durability wise) by refined engineering prowess? The result, a proven technology built to last the ages with minimal detriment. An unlimited power source defined. Therefore, could the SolarWatt Vision 60P solar panel be a tried and proven technology we trust, further complimented by the worlds most enduring construction?

Many truths lie within the data. Further assessment of the six essential areas of design, durability, efficiency, performance, guarantee and affordability uncover whether the SolarWatt Vision 60P is pure hype of an outdated cell design or the real deal.


To see how the SolarWatt Vision 60P ranks in the  Solar Review Module Assessment Criteria be sure to view the scorecard at the bottom of this post!


SolarWatt 280W Poly

Potentially the most refined polycrystalline solar module design since the SolarWorld Sunmodule Protect (glass-glass) polycrystalline variant was released. An alternative brand, however, proof that the German’s have a knack for producing exceptional refinement even when using basic solar panel foundations such as polycrystalline cells. 

It takes only a moment to understand how well crafted the SolarWatt Vision 60P solar panel design is. Excess silicon is obsolete. Frame dimensions retain thickness qualities for added support and durability. Glass-glass front and rear construction is a testament to refined engineering. Often overlooked, polycrystalline cell purity is remarkable when compared to alternative polycrystalline solar modules. All of which ensures a better than average design score.

Download the SolarWatt Vision 60P datasheet here:

3.0A GOOD design, the SolarWatt Vision 60P solar panel accrued a Solar Review Module Assessment Criteria Design score of 3.0 out of 5.


SolarWatt 280W Poly

A world leading hail resistance of 45mm hailstones at 23 m/second reinforces the case for glass-glass solar panel designs over striving for leading efficiencies. What lets the SolarWatt Vision 60P solar module range down is the loading capabilities, which conforms only to that of IEC Standard. Thermal Cycle Testing is exceptional at 600 hrs. While Damp Heat Testing (DHT), Potential Induced Degradation (PID), Salt Mist and Ammonia Resistance all proved outstanding in the Solar Review Module Assessment Criteria.

IEC Standard
SolarWatt Vision 60P

Above: Temperature change test, scale to 800 cycles.

IEC Standard
SolarWatt Vision 60P

Above: Damp heat test, scale to 6000 hours.

4.0A SUPERIOR durability rating, the SolarWatt Vision 60P solar panel accrued a Solar Review Module Assessment Criteria Durability score of 4.0 out of 5. 


SolarWatt 280W Poly

Efficiency could be much better. However, it is not what defines the SolarWatt Vision 60P solar panel. A slightly below average temperature coefficient of -0.41%C is offset by an outstanding Power Tolerance from 0-5%+. Beyond that, the overall module efficiency is in line with global polycrystalline variants at 17.6% in 290W models.

Market Average
SolarWatt Vision 60P

Above: Efficiency comparison on a scale of 25%.

3.5Considered VERY GOOD, the SolarWatt Vision 60P solar panel accrued a Solar Review Module Assessment Criteria Efficiency score of 3.5 out of 5.


SolarWatt 280W Poly

One blemish exists in an almost perfect performance score. The first year stabilisation period facilitates a 3% degradation as opposed to a 2% degradation. Beyond that, the performance of the SolarWatt Vision 60P solar module range is eye-watering. Linear degradation of only 0.3% after year-1 over a leading 30-year period. Should the performance of the SolarWatt Vision 60P not live up to the challenge, a comprehensive part and labour warranty insures the product.

Market Average
SolarWatt Vision 60P

Above: Manufacturer nominated performance comparison at year 25.

4.9An OUTSTANDING performance rating, the SolarWatt Vision 60P solar panel accrued a Solar Review Module Assessment Criteria Performance score of 4.9 out of 5.


SolarWatt 280W Poly

When promoting a world-leading 30-year product warranty, one should expect an authorised and manufacturer trained installer network which unlocks the entire 30-year guarantee. Unfortunately not the case with the SolarWatt Vision 60P. Fact is, the warranty is active only if the panel is installed to SolarWatt specifications. To the detriment of the warranty, most non-affiliated installers fail to observe a manufacturer handbook during installation.

Nonetheless, a 30-year product guarantee is outstanding. Parts and labour assurance during the 30-year period adds greater value to a phenomenal guarantee. An imperfect score due to the SolarWatt Vision 60P having an affiliated certified partner network but lacking added end-user benefits – almost perfect.

Market Average
SolarWatt Vision 60P

Above: Manufacturer product guarantee comparison 1 to 30 years.

4.8OUTSTANDING, SolarWatt Vision 60P solar panels accrued a Solar Review Module Assessment Criteria Guarantee score of 4.8 out of 5.

Combined Technology Ranking:

3.8TheSolarWatt Vision 60P is considered an excellent  product technology wise ranking SUPERIOR in the Solar Review Module Assessment Criteria without affordability points applied. To view the overall product score/ review and entire product summary at the bottom of this post, Keep scrolling!


SolarWatt 280W Poly

It’s common to pay more for German made products in almost anything due to an expected added refinement. The SolarWatt Vision 60P ensures the price barrier between German quality standard and the cheaper end of the market is not as hard to swallow as alternative technology composites. Competitively priced for a glass-glass solar panel in a very competitive market.

As a gauge, SolarWatt Vision 60P solar panels are available online from:

USD 0.50 per watt | AUD 0.70 per watt | EURO 0.45

Excludes taxes, shipping and installation.

Source – Google.

3.7Presenting SUPERIOR affordability, the SolarWatt Vision 60P solar panel accrued a Solar Review Module Assessment Criteria Affordability score of 3.7 out of 5.


4.0If you are less concerned about a specific style and have an abundance of space for your desired system size, then selecting a polycrystalline solar panel can reflect nicely on system capital requirements. Selecting a solar panel guaranteed to produce energy for the next 30-years is going compliment reduced spend over the system life. For the astute shopper wanting significant value, the SolarWatt Vision 60P is SUPERIOR given the defining lasting capabilities.

Summary Below!  Plus if you have questions or an opinion, don’t be shy leave your feedback in the comments at the bottom of this post.


How was the score for the SolarWatt Vision 60P range of solar panels calculated? By utilising the Solar Review Module Assessment Criteria V2.0 >


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