Increasing a reputation in recent years as leaders of bifacial solar panel technology innovation, SolarWorld have improved upon their revolutionary bifacial solar panel yet again. The SolarWorld Sunmodule Bisun protect 290 is the latest offering from the German manufacturer boasting some very impressive qualities in which more astute shoppers would appreciate. 

As you will see, there is no doubting the performance increasing prowess of the SolarWorld Bisun protect 290. What must be ascertained is whether you will be able to harness its strengths? If you don’t think you can, avoid it and do something better with your money as the technology advantage comes at a premium. Ready to see if you’ve got what it takes?

SolarWorld Sunmodule Bisun Protect Solar Review


When you look at the sleek surface, it looks almost like any other premium grade solar panel. Black frame, superior 5-busbar electrical connectivity, precise build quality. But there’s something more. It’s not noticeable at first until you adjust your view point and it catches your eye. Strange markings down the rear form a visually mesmerizing level of intrigue not normally anticipated. You are compelled to touch the surface. Protected by a strengthened transparent glass exterior the markings are that of the performance increasing bifacial cell technology.

Here’s how it works. The SolarWorld Sunmodule Bisun 290 under optimised conditions can deliver a 25% energy boost. Electrical conductors on the rear of the solar cell, similar to those on the front, allow the solar cell to capture additional reflective light at the rear of the solar panel. A result which can significantly increase solar energy production.

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To create an environment which can best harness this additional power, the SolarWorld Sunmodule Bisun protect solar panel should be mounted on a 20-30 degree tilted configuration over flat, reflective surfaces or other bright materials. As the light which misses the panel may reflect off the surrounding environment and onto the rear of the solar panel, providing the boost in energy production.

The SolarWorld Sunmodule Bisun protect 290 should be mounted with minimal shading to the backside of the panel. This means choosing a mounting system that is less likely to block the the rear cell surface. 

Note: Rear shading will not adversely affect the performance of the front cell face and nominated power (290W) of the solar panel.


SolarWorld Bifacial Solar Panel Review Solar Review

With recent successful innovations in glass-glass technology, the SolarWorld Sunmodule Bisun protect 290 solar panel is built extremely robust, designed to withstand a long service-life while not compromising on energy production. The build quality is extremely weather-resilient and entirely protected with heat-strengthened safety glass.



SolarWorld Bifacial Protect Solar Review

By today’s standards, the 17.3% efficiency for 290Wp at Standard Test Conditions would be considered only slightly above average. However, under optimised efficiency of up to 21.2% for 355Wp is where the SolarWorld Sunmodule Bisun protect 290 enters the upper echelon of solar panel efficiency.

Tier-1 Average
Premium Tier-1 Average
SolarWorld Sunmodule Bisun Protect 290 (STC)
SolarWorld Sunmodule Bisun Protect 290 (Optimised)

Above: Efficiency comparison up to 25%.


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The SolarWorld Sunmodule Bisun protect 290 promises a maximum degradation of 0.35% per year after an initial 3% drop in year 1. A solid claim ensuring power performance (at STC) within 90% of the rated nameplate value after 21-years and 87% by the end of the warranty at 30-years. 

Tier-1 Average
SolarWorld Sunmodule Bisun Protect 290

Above: Manufacturer nominated performance comparison at year 25.


The all important product guarantee. On a scale of 1 to 30-years the SolarWorld Sunmodule Bisun protect 290 is above average in terms of product guarantee with a 20-year product warranty.

Tier-1 Average
Premium Tier-1
SolarWorld Sunmodule Bisun Protect 290

Above: Manufacturer product guarantee comparison 1 to 30 years.


Toward the higher end of the solar panel pricing spectrum, the SolarWord Sunmodule Bisun protect 290 solar panel with superior features is reflective of the additional production costs incurred and therefore relative amongst it’s peers. At approximately USD $0.75c per watt, EURO $.60c per watt, AUD $1 per watt excluding taxes, one should be astute toward the investment of a specific purpose within this technology.


The SolarWorld Sunmodule Bisun protect 290 is a highly robust solar panel. Remarkably engineered, attention to detail is evident at the highest level. The price however reflects the ability of optimised performance potential. Although not detrimental to STC performance, if you are not able to replicate an optimised environment maybe consider an alternative option at a similar price point such as the SolarWatt 300 Vision 60M High Power or the LG NeON 2 330-335 variants.


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