UPDATE: From August 2017 SolarWorld (USA & Germany) have ceased to manufacture all variants of the SolarWorld polycrystalline solar panel due to a shift toward monocrystalline cell technology. A move toward streamlining manufacturing lines with what the company describes as increased consumer demand for high-efficiency solar modules.

It remains unknown what quantities are in surplus  within warehouses and holding yards internationally. What can be ascertained is that SolarWorld polycrystalline solar panels sold through the authorised SolarWorld distributor and installer network are applicable to the improved SolarWorld warranty introduced January 2017.


SolarWorld Poly Solar Panel Solar Review

Overall, extremely well engineered. The SolarWorld Sunmodule polycrystalline solar panel is constructed in two variants. The Sunmodule Plus and the Sunmodule Protect. Identical solar panels apart from the protective backsheet. The Sunmodule Plus utilises a standard laminate backsheet, while the Sunmodule Protect uses a new era glass backsheet (glass-glass).

Cell structure is a SolarWorld produced polycrystalline wafer linked in either in either a three or four busbar configuration. A superior fully automated construction process is evident when analysing the protective properties of the SolarWorld Sunmodule polycrystalline solar panel.


SolarWorld Polycrystalline Solar Panel Design Solar Review

Where SolarWorld solar panels in general gain greater recognition is with their design for resilience and longevity. A factor defined by time in the real-world. The SolarWorld Sunmodule polycrystalline solar panel has spent more time in the field over any other SolarWorld variant.

Perhaps why the SolarWorld Sunmodule polycrystalline solar panel has a recognised durability may come back to something as simple as material qualification. With many alternative manufacturers boasting R&D, engineering, automated assembly etc, why would their panels begin to show signs of significant fatigue within 5 or 10-years and not SolarWorld? Answer: A solar panel is the sum of its components.


SolarWorld Sunmodule Polycrystaline Solar Panel Solar Review

At 15%+ efficiency, SolarWorld Sunmodule polycrystalline solar panels are built to deliver greater energy production, better efficiency, and a longer lifespan compared to all other polycrystalline solar panels available. Not as space efficient as their monocrystalline counterparts, SolarWorld Sunmodule polycrystalline solar panels offer excellent performance at a lower capital investment, facilitating the potential to provide an expedited return on investment in the right scenario.

Note: Solarworld ceased manufacturing polycrystalline solar panels from 2017. 


Anything exposed to the sun degrades. How much it degrades is the pivotal question. SolarWorld set the benchmark for solar panel performance with the world’s first linear solar panel power performance guarantee. Prior, solar panel performance was gauged by stepped performance warranties. A highly dubious performance gauge.

For SolarWorld Sunmodule Polycrystalline Plus (glass-laminate) range of modules, Solarworld guarantee performance reduction at no more than -0.7% per annum, after a 3% reduction in year-1, from it’s rated nameplate value when subject to standard test conditions over 25-years.

The SolarWorld Sunmodule Polycrystalline Protect  (glass-glass) range of modules, performance reduction is at no more than -0.35% per annum, after a 3% reduction in year-1, from it’s rated nameplate value when subject to standard test conditions over 30-years.

Excellent performance assurance when compared to alternative Tier-1 manufactured polycrystalline solar panels.

SolarWorld Sunmodule Polycrystalline Solar Panel


SolarWorld Polycrystalline Solar Panel Solar Review

Not many solar panel manufacturers have outlived their warranty claims in terms of existence through acquisition and evolution such as SolarWorld. Good assurance an industry superior 20-year product warranty. Although not the greatest product guarantee available (30-years, SolarWatt AG), a 20-year product warranty is far superior to the Tier-1 manufacturer average of only 10-years.

Tier-1 Average
Premium Tier-1
SolarWorld Sunmodule Polycrystalline


SolarWorld Polycrystalline Solar Panel Review

SolarWorld Sunmodule polycrystalline solar panels are more cost-efficient per watt than all other SolarWorld cell technologies when available area permits. Coupled with the exceptional build quality and design, this particular make of SolarWorld solar panel represents very good value for money in a premium product.


Although supply of the SolarWorld Sunmodule Polycrystalline solar panel is becoming scarce, the relative value for money would be extraordinary as dealers are forced to move stock. The current SolarWorld Sunmodule Polycrystalline solar panel is the evolved result of SolarWorld’s Photon award winning solar panel from 2008 and 2009. One could do far worse in solar panel selection. Excellent value for one of the better made solar panels the market has seen.


Above 6 areas scored below. Looking to buy SolarWorld solar panels and have questions? Open a discussion below!



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