Score only. The Solar Review Inverter Assessment Criteria compares the Solis 4G series solar inverter against the industries best known specifications. The result, a solar inverter comparison with no room for discretionary bias and the transparency you desire.  

Make and model:  Solis 4G Series.

Variants:   2.5, 3, 3.6, 4, 4.6, 5 kW.

  Performance, Design.



The following content for the Solis 4G Series solar inverter should be used as a guide only. Individual circumstances and compatibilities should always be taken into account when selecting the right solar inverter for any given installation. This content has been built using the Solar Review Inverter Assessment Criteria 2.0 or above based on available product specifications at the time of writing.  



4G Series Design; VERY GOOD
  • AC Coupled battery compatibility.
  • Current release.
  • Fanless cooling.
  • TOP Brand PV inverters by EuPD Research.
  • TÜV Reihnland certified.
  • Standard design.
  • IP 65.



4G Series Features; VERY GOOD
  • 2 MPPTs.
  • LCD graphic interface.
  • WiFi & Ethernet (plus 4G optional).
  • NO manufacturer supplied module-level optimisation options.
  • Manufacturer supplied module-level rapid shutdown options.
  • Manufacturer supplied expanded monitoring options.
  • MPPT only shadow management.
  • Remote access general data configuration.



4G Series Performance; SUPERIOR
  • 97.8% European weighted efficiency.
  • Min temperature range -25°C (-13°F).
  • Max temperature range +60°C (140°F).
  • Temperature derating 45°C (113°F).
  • Weight 11kg (24.2 lbs).
  • Noise emission max 30 dB (A).



4G Series Guarantee; GOOD
  • 5-year parts warranty.*
  • 5-year service warranty.
  • No authorised installer network.
*Additional 5-year warranty (10-yr total) available in selected regions. 



4G Series Software; AVERAGE
  • Ginlong WiFi Monitoring System
  • iOS & Android app.
  • Alerts & fault diagnosis.



4G Series Overall - VERY GOOD
  • Design 3.7
  • Features 3.6
  • Performance 4.2
  • Guarantee 3.2
  • Software 2.5


*AVG references industry average specifications.


How was the score for the Solis 4G Series solar inverter calculated? By using the Solar Review Inverter Assessment Criteria V2.4 >

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  1. I have 2x5kw Solis inverters connected to 6.6kw solar panels each and producing 70+kW on a good August day se Qld Australia 1 month in, faultless 10 year warranty.

    And I have friends tell me they had more expensive brands fail 3 weeks in

  2. Please review all models of Solis inverters particularly the 5kW version. This is a regularly offered inverter in Australia for cheap systems (don’t mean it is bad, just cheap).

  3. Can anyone help me here, I have installed Solis 5 kva at my residence, at screen it is showing that it is generating power, but it is still consuming electricity from the govt. resource

  4. What does
    “MPPT only shadow management.”
    That there is no real shadow management and if there is shadow it may not find the real most power point?


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