Modern solar inverter designs are more and more contoured towards a clean, minimalist look. As much as the current Solis solar inverter range visually appears to posses such appealing qualities, how does the range of combined specifications compare to the industries best? 

.Manufacturer:  Ginlong Solis.

Series:  4G Series, Hybrid 5G Series.

Variants:  Single-phase, Three-phase, Storage

*Commercial & off-grid inverters exempt.


To keep it simple, residentially, three Solis solar inverter options exist. Analysing the certified specifications of each presents a manufacturer overview from a slightly different perspective.

Certain criteria are equal across all variants such as Software, and there are a few surprises as in the Guarantee where it varies between models depending on the region.


When reviewing the Solis 4G Series, there’s one standout criteria even the harshest critics must admire, Performance.

All certified Performance specifications exist within an arms reach of the industries best-known, which ranks as Superior. Beyond such, this single-phase grid-tie inverter range offers good value considering the overall specifications.

Model Qualities Rank Detail
4G Series
2.5 - 5 kW, max effc up to 45ºC, WiFi connectivity, dual-tracking.
3.5 very good
Solis 4G Series Inverter Score


By specification, the Solis Three-Phase 4G Series could be one of the best value, and minimal upfront cost 3-phase solar inverter options currently available.

Similar to the single-phase Solis 4G series, Performance criteria is a shining light with the overall Design promising for those seeking a good inverter technology combined with value for money.

Model Qualities Rank Detail
Three-phase 4G Series
5 - 10 kW, max effc up to 45ºC, WiFi connectivity, dual-tracking.
3.5 very good
Solis 4G Single-Phase Inverter Image


Hybrid solar & battery inverter technology is often underwhelming. The Solis RHI Hybrid 5G Series is a breath of fresh air combining UPS functionality (that’s the Uninterrupted Power Supply function everyone expects).

An additional plus factor, battery options are expanded due to the Low Voltage battery compatibility nature which does, however, adversely affect the ease of a minimalist installation.

Model Qualities Rank Detail
RHI Hybrid 5G Series
2.5 - 5 kW, Hybrid with UPS, max effc up to 45ºC, dual-tracking.
3.5 very good

Similar to most hybrid solar and battery inverter technologies, the Solis RHI Hybrid 5G Series is not the ideal solution for every scenario. It does, however, provide a good solution for many with a single-phase power supply who desire energy saving combined with a UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply).


The Solis solar inverter range diversely accommodates the needs of many with the intent of going solar on a restricted budget.

Unfortunately, those seeking a three-phase Solis solar & battery inverter option must wait a little longer for a Solis solution.

Overall a Very Good solar inverter range in 2020. Will we see advancements in the Solis Solar inverter range in the future? Expect it.


Solar Inverters Overall; VERY GOOD
  • 4G Series - 3.5
  • Three-phase 4G Series - 3.4
  • RHI Hybrid 5G Series - 3.5


*AVG references industry average specifications.

[ 4.8 - 5 ] The pinnacle of certified specification.
[ 4.3 - 4.7 ] A rare calibre of technology produced by the industry elite.
[ 3.8 - 4.2 ] Specifications which are exceedingly superior to that of the industry average.
Very Good
[ 3.3 - 3.7 ] Advanced technology against the industry average.
[ 2.8 - 3.2 ] Better than the industry average is that of which strives a portion better.
[ 2.3 - 2.7 ] A score within this bracket is considered the industry average specification.
[ 1.8 - 2.2 ] Considered below the industry mainstream average.
[ 1.3 - 1.7 ] There's better, there's also worse.
[ 0.8 - 1.2 ] Far below the modern industry average.
[ 0.3 - 0.7 ] Possesses specifications which are absent or unverified by a certified testing institute.
[ 0 - 0.2 ] Unlikely for technology manufactured in the modern era.


How was the score for the Solis range of residential solar inverters calculated? By using the Solar Review Inverter Assessment Criteria V2.4 >

Solis product range, manufacturers international site. View now >

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