Many people want Sunpower solar panels. Not everybody can afford Sunpower solar panels, and with the promising new release of the Sunpower Performance Series solar panel as a less efficient Sunpower option, it turns out Sunpower solar panel options are still out of reach for many. That being said, Sunpower solar panels in the P series variant are a lot more affordable than alternative E and X series Sunpower options.

.Make and model:  SunPower Performance Series.

Variants: 310 | 315 | 320 | 325 | 330 | 335 W.

  Design, Efficiency.


Putting solar panel options into layman terms, Sunpower to the solar panel industry is much like Apple to computers and mobile phones. Similarly, a good portion of shoppers find it difficult to validate the additional expense. In this case, many want Sunpower for its proven ability to perform and namesake. 

Considering affordability of the Sunpower range has often been the most significant drawback, and a companies desire to acquire greater market share, something had to change. Enter the Sunpower Performance Series with the benefits of the Sunpower brand at a mid-range price point.



An inspiring PERC enhanced P-type monocrystalline shingle cell structure forms the basis of the new Sunpower P series solar panel design. Ranked as a DNV-GL Top performer 2018 there is a lot to like about the overall simplified Sunpower design in the Performance series.

SunPower Performance Series data sheet 

Sunpower Performance Series Image


Performance Series Design; Elite
  • P-Type Monocrystalline.
  • Shingled cell design.
  • PERC enhanced.
  • Glass-laminate (White).
  • Inspiring.
  • DNV-GL "Top Performer" Winner 2018
  • TÜV Rheinland certified.


Unlike alternative Sunpower models, durability is the Sunpower Performance Series weakest category. However, with an overall Very Good ranking, the durability of the P-Series either meets or exceeds IEC standard in each Solar Review durability attribute.

Sunpower Performance Series Image


Performance Series Durability; Very Good
  • Snow load 5400Pa.
  • Front wind load 2400Pa.
  • Rear wind load 2400Pa.
  • Damp heat testing 6000Hrs .
  • Thermal cycle testing 800Hrs.
  • PID Free.
  • Salt mist resistance certification
    IEC 61701 (Maximum Severity).
  • Amonia resistance certification
    IEC 62716.
  • Hail impact listed at 25mm at 23m/s.


Despite lacking the record-breaking efficiencies Sunpower are renowned for, the Sunpower Performance Series presents an efficiency which is Exceptional when compared to the solar panel market as a whole.

19% efficiencies are fast becoming expected for any serious solar shopper. However, where the P series would be considered class leading in the efficiency steaks is with an Outstanding power tolerance and a better average temperature coefficient.

Sunpower Performance Series Image


Performance Series Efficiency; Superior
  • 19.9% Maximum module efficiency.
  • -0.37%°C Temperature coefficient.
  • 0/5% Power tolerance.


Retained within the Sunpower Performance Series is the comprehensive 25-years parts and service warranty many have come to respect. Where the performance criteria of the P Series has set itself on par with current industry averages is a 3% first-year degradation and a 0.6% annual degradation after that.

Sunpower Performance Series Image


Performance Series Performance; Superior
  • 3% degradation in the 1st year.
  • 0.6% degradation per annum.
  • 25-year linear performance warranty.
  • Parts and service performance warranty.


One of the better product guarantees available and a big reason why many end-users opt for a Sunpower solar panel. The Sunpower Performance Series enjoys the same comprehensive manufacturer product guarantee as the alternative Sunpower models.

Sunpower Performance Series Image


Performance Series Guarantee; Superior
  • 25-year warranty.
  • Parts & service warranty.
  • Authorised installer network, with no added end-user benefits.


There is no record-breaking efficiency. There is no industry leading durability and performance traits where Sunpower has previously raised the bar. Also, the Sunpower Performances Series lacks the jaw-droppingly innovative qualities we’ve come to expect from the Sunpower brand. All of which is where the real beauty exists. 

In producing an above average (Superior) and non-record breaking solar panel, the Sunpower P Series is a more affordable Sunpower option to what is considered a smart product offering.


Performance Series; Superior
  • Design 4.4
  • Durability 3.7
  • Efficiency 4.3
  • Performance 4.1
  • Guarantee 4.3


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  1. I don’t understand how this panel’s durability could be said to be low, when in you say yourself that it is a top performer in the DNV- GL module reliability score card.

  2. You mentioned it’s a good choice if budget limitations prevent access to alternative Sunpower options, which others would you recommend, what would be the very best to put up on your home ?


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