A renowned reputation built on decades pushing the efficiency limits of solar module design exists within the Sunpower brand. However, with a new decade comes a new era for Sunpower, poised to cease solar module manufacturing altogether from 2020 onwards. 

.Manufacturer:  SunPower Solar/ Maxeon.

Series: P-Series, X-Series, Maxeon Series.

Variants: Monocrystalline.


Sunpower ceasing manufacture should be devastating news for the industry as a whole. Remarkably, though, it is not. Maxeon, the pioneering trademark cell design, powering Sunpower solar panels will resume the manufacturing arm as a separate entity.

No matter the corporate structure though, Sunpower’s legacy will continue into 2020. With such, the current Sunpower solar panels and technical specifications are available for a promising compilation of solar module offerings.

Note; Equivalent of (industry standard) residential 60-cell solar panels considered only. Above 3.3 is considered a VERY GOOD score.

Shingled-cell mono.

Presenting a more affordable P-type monocrystalline shingle cell design, the Sunpower P-Series is a new direction for the brand. Although adopting a less expensive design, notable Sunpower qualities remain apparent.


Model Qualities Rank Detail
310-335 W, Black back sheet, monocrystalline.
4.3 elite

Overall score at the bottom of this post. 

Sunpower solar panels in the P-Series are ideally suited for those who seek the renowned Sunpower brand at a more affordable price point. Less efficient than alternative Sunpower offerings, additional surface area is required to accommodate a similar output.

Sunpower Performance Series Image

Maxeon cells.

Even though the Maxeon 3 solar panel is slightly larger in dimensions compared to its X-Series counterparts, the dimensions are still not too dissimilar from a standard 60-cell solar panel at 1690 x 1046 mm. Bolstered by an efficiency upgrade (max 22.6%) the Sunpower Maxeon 3 presents as Sunpower’s new premier solar module offering in 2020.

Maxeon and X Series

Model Qualities Rank Detail
335-350W, black back sheet, N-type mono, 94 Maxeon Gen III cells
4.5 elite
350-370W, white back sheet, N-type mono, 94 Maxeon Gen III cells.
4.6 elite
Maxeon 3
390-400W, white back sheet, N-type mono, 104 Maxeon Gen III cells.
4.7 elite

Overall score at the bottom of this post. 

Sunpower solar panels in the Maxeon and X-Series are ideally suited for those who require maximum output power from a nominated space with industry-leading performance in extreme temperature and conditions.

Sunpower X-series Solar Panel Layers - Solar Review


An entire suite of ELITE ranked solar modules ranging from the industry-leading efficiency of the Maxon and X Series to renowned Sunpower quality with greater affordability in the P-Series. There now appears to be a Sunpower solution for almost everyone.

As 2020 unfolds, the new Maxeon era will become more apparent. For now, Sunpower solar panels present as one of the more admirable product offerings available.


Solar Panels Overall; Elite
  • P19 - 4.3
  • X21-BLK - 4.5
  • X22 - 4.6
  • Maxeon 3 - 4.7


 By utilising the Solar Review Module Assessment Criteria V2.5 >

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